I find myself using my northstar as my main yoyo...

Even more than my 2.0 which I love…

It does eli hops very well…

your ideas on this yoyo?

Mine is a DM2.

I have a Northstar and a Protostar. I like them both. It’s a decent and solid yoyo that plays not only amazing for the price, but for what it is as well. These aren’t ordinary plastics!

We all have preferences. There is no “right”, there is only “what is right/best for you”. Some may agree with you, some may disagree with you. You know what you like, now go enjoy it!

Hey, it’s all preference. You like the way it plays more than a metal. That’s what it was designed for. The reason you choose the Northstar over the 2.0 is the same reason I choose the Magic Yoyo N5 over my entire collection.

Northstar is an awesome yoyo. Favorite carry around and all around favorite. One of the best values in yo yoing.

Give the Chaser a try if you like the Northstar.

My Protostar was my main throw for months. They are just too darn good.

i love my protostar but my fav at the moment is my DM2 with a KK bearing. very smooth.

My thought on a Northstar is they little bit too heavy for my liking. I chose a protostar over it.

Its all about preference.

But the northstar is a great yoyo, in fact more stable then the protostar IMO.
But I like lighter yoyo anyway.