I need your opinion.

Alright, so let say that you have $30 and your favorite yoyo company is YoYoFactory. What yoyo would you buy? Because that is the situation that I am in, but I don’t know what to buy. If you have any suggestions I will be more than happy to take them.

I would try to save a few more bucks and get this  http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1290/YYF-DV888-Starter-Set  Probably the most bang for your buck.  I dont even have one, kinda want one now that i looked at it  :o

eh, most of YYFs cheaper yoyos have a more dated shape which isnt really that desirable that much these days. However if i have to say the YYF onestar is your best bet.

what do you have now, any at all or is this a first.


Like Abby said, the Onestar is pretty good. If you’re willing to save a bit more $ first the Protostar is one of my personal YYF favorites.

Grind machine or counter attack.
Counter attack was a remake a the grind machine, but does not have hubstacks.

  • I also want to mention that even tho YYF is your favorite company does not mean every purchase needs to be with them. YYF has some good throws, but IMO other companies are making much better bargain yoyos for under $30

If you could save another $10 get a YYF protostar or northstar if you can save another $20 Get a shutter
otherwise the DV888’s your best bet

Thanks for all the replies but I just have one more question. What is IMO?


If you pay 35.00$ you can buy pro to star that is the great yoyo but if you cant the grind machined is very good for you

To be honest, it says in your profile that your favourite yoyo is the Regen. I’m pretty sure everything YYF offers for 30 dollars or less is going to be a bit of a letdown compared to that. Unless you’re going to get something used on the BST ofc. I’d rather try something like a Yoyofficer Pause or Kilter. Heard great things about both of them.

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I second this. If you already have the Regen, the other plastics YYF produces just won’t match up. You’re better off going with a Yoyofficer, or saving up a bit longer to get a Shutter, CZM8, Horizon, Too H.O.T., or Cypher.

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