Need help choosing a yoyo

I currently have a yyj speedmaker siliconed and shaved starburst. I want to get a new yo-yo.
What do you think I should get ? Im not good at looking for yo-yo’s. I want a yoyo with these qualifications:

-Under $20
-Good Spin Times

Please help me out. Im an Intermediate yo-yo’er.

There really isn’t any yoyos under 20 bucks you can get that are unresponsive, and have good spin times. But I do suggest saving your money just a little bit more and going for a YoYoFactory ProtoStar. It is possibly one of the most popular plastic yoyos in the world, for around 35 bucks. It has been used to win so many competitions, and is truly one of my favorite throws. Just because it is 35 bucks doesn’t mean it’s not good. Trust me… it’s amazing. I think it would be a perfect, perfect fit for you, and all you have to do is save up a tad more. It’s worth it, ask any one here who has one, which is pretty much… everyone. lol

I’l take a look at that…
Do you think the YYF grind machine is good as-well ? or the YYF Die Nasty ?
I know I could be searching myself for this, but nobody has info.

Listen to SR he knows what he’s talking about.
But another suggestion would be to get an YYJ atmosphere
my friend got one and the thing is amazing 8)

I wouldn’t go with a bimetal. That is just me though. Anyway, on to your question. I have a Grindmachine and I like it! It is a really good yoyo for it’s price. The Die Nasty is good but seems pretty cheap. But well, it is. For 15 bucks that’s acually a really good deal, but I’d just save up and get a Grindmachine. Or a Protostar. They are really nice too, and have more rim weight. Hope the stuff I said helped lol. :wink:

Nah… don’t get a Grind Machine, I have one, they are really nothing special compared to the ProtoStar. The Die-Nasty wouldn’t be a totally bad choice, it’s unresponsive, has pretty decent spin times. It’s basically a Grind Machine w/out hubstacks. I still think the ProtoStar, it’s totally worth the extra money. But if you don’t want to spend an extra 15 bucks, get a Die Nasty. But remember the ProtoStar and take you from beginner to pro.

kickside ;D

it’s not unresponsive.

So, i want to get the Protostar. BUT, my parents dont think its worth it, and its a waste of money. How to convince ???

It can be made unresponsive.

Learn some awesome tricks and show them. Tell them you would be able to continue to learn more tricks like those if they would get it for you or help pay for it. Also, another suggestion, just throwing this out here, is a YYJ Lyn Fury with 888 size K pads in it. I have personally never tried it, but I have good things about it. Hope this helped. :wink:


you could tell them that the yoyo doesnt spin long enough and that the new yoyo has a bearing that keeps string from rubbing against the side giving it longer spin times

hope it helps

The YoYoJam Legacy is 22 and it is unresponsive, good enough to do great things, and it is exactly like a plastic DM!

I at least convinced my parents in getting me a YYF Die Nasty. So its being shipped right now. Goal for the future = YYF Grind Machine OR YYF Protostar For Sure.

good choice but you really should of waited a little longer and saved for a protostar
… Any way hope you have fun with your die nasty!!!

pocket change by yyf!!

Me and SR are going to say this for the last time. You’re getting a ProtoStar. Not a Grind Machine, Die-Nasty, Kickside, Lyn Fury, or any Yoyojam plastic, and you’re not getting a Counter Attack, but a ProtoStar. I looked at all of these a long time ago, and I was like, the ProtoStar doesn’t have better playability then all of these, but it does. I can throw it forever. You’ll love it and be sorry if you get something else. Trust me, please. i can’t tell you how incredible and amazing the ProtoStar is. Just get one. Enough said.