Yoyo suggestion


So i was given permission to buy a yoyo online and found 4 yoyos that are really nice but i cant decide between them.

God tricks freedom,

magic yoyo dare to do,

aero yo droid, and

shinwoo zen4

Not leaning towards any of them…

Please do not post direct links to other stores.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Almost all of those are available here.

I would say you’re looking at a $45 budget? How much are you allowed to spend?

Meta mandatory? Lots of great plastics under $45.
DM2, Trigger, Chaser, Protostar, Northstar, just to name a few. The Duncan Raptor, Echo and Metropolis can be considered as well.

Metals, your choices are limited. Woud the Duncan Raptor get your interest?

I have the Magic YoYo. It’s OK. Kind of tiny. A dv888 might be better. It’s also small, but not THAT small. I do generally speaking like the Magic YoYo products. The T5 is one of my favorites. The N11 and N10 are pretty good too.

The God Tricks stuff is pretty decent. I have a Destiny, loads of fun. I have a Bounty Hunter and a Cyclone coming my way. YYE carries God Tricks. So do some other places. I gotta say I’m surprised in a good way with this brand.

I don’t have any of the Shinwoo Zen yoyos. The Zen 4 reminds me of the Duncan Raptor. I think I might go with a Zen 6 though, same price.

The Droid looks like a lot of fun, but isn’t my go-to shape, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy it. At least not now anyways.

If you’re not totally into a yoyo for some reason, don’t buy it. Take your time.

By the way, for now, what are you using now? What are you looking for?


my budget is around $45. Metal mandatory because my impression on plastics is that they are noisy and vibe. Don’t want to get ‘’ common ‘’ stuff like duncan and yoyofactory because they are easily available.

I dont mind the shape, size and finish as long as it performs well. Most of my throws are heavy and i want to get something light. I’m currently using a supernova and chaser but somehow i dont like the supernova.


I wouldn’t discount “common” stuff because it’s common. Why stand out and be different IF the yoyo you chose isn’t making you happy? Then again, I got top-end stuff and can still be happy with a Classic or a Trigger.

I’m also not a fan of the SuperNova, but that’s just preferences.

Your choices are extremely limited and decreasing. Magic YoYo is pretty common. The Token is way too small but in my opinion, I like it better than the dv888, but the dv888 you won’t consider because it’s “common”.

So, no YYF, no Duncan. Wow, lots of choices just vanished due to “common”.
You’re not digging the Shinwoo Zens…

You’re not leaving yourself a lot of choices on here.

Maybe add $10 more if possible(I know, money values vary greatly, what is cheap here is expensive there sort of thing) and step up to a DiBase. With YYE’s 1 day 10% off sale(See Facebook or the home page), it may enable you to get something. Be warned, international shipping is a bit excessive, but it is what it is.

(SR) #5

C3yoyodesign Di Base or Capless.

They’re calling your name. :slight_smile:


I shall get something that i really like even if though its ‘’ common.’’ Realised that choices are really limited without ‘’ common ‘’ yoyos lol


I don’t care about common or “exotic” or “rare”. If I want it or like it, that’s all that matters.

I really wanted a Duncan Raptor. Common? Yes. Simple? Yes. Performs great with a clean bearing. That’s all I care about: good performance.

NEVER limit your choices! That’s my thoughts.

Even so, $45 limits your options for a full metal here. YYE does have great selection though.


I shall get the droid as it has a ‘’ H ‘’ shape and is light. Thanks.


Wouldn’t be my choice, but it is one of your original choices. Don’t look at this being “I think you made a bad decision”. I’m merely saying based on specs and weight, this isn’t one I’d go for.

H-shapes tend to be good for finger grinds. Lots of amazing H-shaped yoyos. Enjoy it!!


Goes to show that it’s all about taste. :wink: Out of the original list, the Droid is probably the one I’d go for first! Not that I have hands-on experience with most of those, just based on what I know of the Droid.


May I suggest something more exotic? Delrin anyone?