looking to upgrade

so i am looking to up grade from my velocity to some nicer yoyos and nothing to much what are your thought and comments

look into a northstar or a protostar. if you want a metal, maybe a dv888.

If your’e on a budget, the Whip is a great choice, but if you want a metal, Dv888 is the way to go.

If you think you’re ready for unresponsive play, and a metal yoyo, I would recommend the YoYoFactory Dv888. You could pretty much use it as your one yoyo for like the rest of your yoyo career, its that good. It’s so stable, and solid, and it spins forever. I really love mine. It’s a great first all metal yoyo, and it’s really cheap for what you’re getting.

If you don’t feel you’re ready for a metal or youre afraid you’re going to ding it up, I would also reccomend the YoYoFactory Protostar or Northstar. They are essentially the same thing, just the Northstar weighs a little more. They are, in my opinion, the best plastics ever made and play just as good as any metal yoyo out there. The Northstar was even used to win the World Yoyo Contest in 2010. And theyre both in the $30 range.

It’s up to you, but you’ll need to know how to bind properly before you purchase these options.

Haha, took to long to type Reverse Squiggly beat me to it.

what do you mine to bind properly. i can bind like get it back to my hand right

If you CAN bind, you’re fine.

ok good ill test it out at the store then buy it here

That’s nice you can test it out at a store. It’s very rare stores sell yoyo’s like those. It’s always great to try a yoyo before you buy it. What store man?

But soon enough you can tell what a yoyo is like based on specs, pics, and company.

I just got a RecRev Turning Apparatus. It’s like a bigger 33 1/3 or Oscillatrix (w/out the hub)–so it’s not small like the DV888. It’s roughly the same size as a Code 2. I’ve only had it a day, but I’m really enjoying it. It doesn’t cost much more than a North/Protostar, and it’s metal.

I agree with these guys. If you can bind, go with either a protostar, a DV888, or… that’s all I can really think of. only get these if you can bind though. If you can’t bind, learn that first. both of those throws can last you throughout your entire career. I got my DV888 when the best trick I could do was a Buddha’s revenge… and yet I still use it more than anything… and I can land a white buddha :confused: if that doesn’t show something I don’t know what will.
-Zach ;D

I have nothing against YYE, but I’d say:

If you test it in the store, BUY it in that store.

Let me share a short story. I was recently on a fast mini-vacation. Part of the trip involved a trip to Redondo Beach so I could visit the Sinshine Kite Company. BTW: nice people own that place. I ended up buying a total of 6 yoyos: 3 Fast 201’s, 1 ONE and a pair of Unleashed for myself. Let me just focus on the Unleashed. They sold me the pair for $24 each, so $48. I was there, I wanted them(already have a pair). Support local yoyo shops! The Fast201’s and ONE were like $13 each.

If you try at a meet or contest then it’s fair game: buy where ever you want to. I’m going to a meet today. People can try of mine whatever they want to. I don’t care where they buy, except that I’m not selling so they won’t get anything from me. I’m not a store. I’m not money-driven.

My other similar story: I would do network configurations for clients, then piece together the hardware they needed. They’d then shop that out part by part, piece by piece, to the lowest bidder/reseller. They would then turn around and ask/demand I “donate” my services to configure and install it. I would without exception refuse. They’d take 100+ hours of my time, countless drives back and forth(often 3+ hours each way), loads of phone calls, meetings, and then to thank me for my hard work and all the time and money I’ve already spent on expenses to get the deal, they smack me in the fact by parting it out to the lowest bidder. Not cool.

So, please, if you’re trying it in the store, let’s look big picture here:
Between their possibly inflated price compared to YYE(who makes it up in volume) and sales tax as applicable and shipping, you might either come out ahead, break even or be paying slightly more. If they let you try it and you like it, please buy it. They are putting time, effort and risk into it, so please return the favor with your business back to them.

Not to say anything, but I already have the store or stores picked out for when I finally get around to buying a YYF SuperStar and MVP.

I prefer the Capless or Di Base rather then the DV888.