So I am sure, that like many of us, we are throwers on a budget (some tighter than others) and are always looking for great values!
This is not a recommendation thread, but merely a thread to post the best bang for your buck value you know of.

My little tidbit: If you’re looking for a metal yoyo, but don’t have much money, start off with a Magic Yoyo, they’re really quite good for people who are starting with metals, just clean the bearing and change the response!

Best advice I can give:

Like having money? Don’t get into yoyoing.


Yeah, MagicYoYo is great, at contests I’ve gotten really good deals like a Cupcake for $60 instead of $90 the whip is a fun little plastic and it’s like $10… Yeah.

I wish you had told me that earlier…

Wait and save your money for a yo-yo contest.

Good deals there. I got 2 ripple bearings for 6 bucks.

Best value yoyo ever: Yyj classic. I silicone it and add the bearing of my choice and they become beasts for 1a, 3a and add the cw of your choice and it rocks 5a.

Loads of fun. I need more!

Yoyoing has to be one of the cheapest hobbies I’ve ever been part of. The high cost is based on desire rather than necessity.


I think my comp-grade KLR is the best value yoyo I’ve ever bought. In fact, it’s probably one of the top 3 players in my entire collection regardless of price. If they had sold it to me as an A grade for twice the price I’d have been totally fine with it.

I think many new players are jumping to metals too soon. They don’t even have the basics down yet. But hey it’s their money so not my problem.

There are some amazing yoyos all over the price spectrum and materials as well. Some of these low priced yoyos are very well designed and made. Value is everywhere!

My first Metal Zen 4 awesome throw for the price

this sounds like some kids at my Yoyo club they buy a metal before they ca even do a basic bind.

I found the PSG to be a great throw to have a fun cheap throw that I love the low walls it has and it kinda has a flakey feel to it If a plastic can have that feel.

I also find the Di Base is great too love it for the price and is well worth it.

I’ve really likes the YYF one. My brother got it as his first throw, and I was able to do almost all of the tricks I usually do on my higher quality metals. It even grinds decently.

YYF Velocity is amazing. Responsive to unresponsive on the fly. If it can’t handle a trick then it’s a user error. They’re also super available now. I saw some at a local Toys 'R Us.

Any B grade throws. General Yo b grades are awesome, CLYW, etc…

Also, rec rev freq wave is great! Which is actually still avail on some online sites. Im surprised these arent gone

They are making a delrin freq wave.

if we’re talking PURE VALUE - best bang for your buck.
it would 100% definitely be some chinese yoyo from China. we know some of those things are cheap metals that can perform up to par with our metals here. -perform up to par, but not equal in quality.- they’re looked down upon because of bootlegging and whatnot. but they ARE the best value = no comparison.
that being said… i will not mention them.

if we’re talking here though, i do think the PSG is a great value for $13.
it is solid as a rock and that thing can literally take a beating. has a bit of vibe after the beating, but none-the-less. awesome yoyo!

i do not mean to cause a disruption or flame. but if it happens, i will withdraw my post.

FG Avalanches were a steal.

Ain’t nothing wrong with Magic yoyo brand. T5 kicks it hard! The Kuyos Yoyo company Trap and Trap 2013 are also fantastic values.

If you like it, it’s most likely a good value but.

I have the funds and drive to get whatever I want. The Anglam is my all time favorite to date and even I feel it’s a great value. However I play my Classics a ton and I think it’s by far one if the absolute best values period due to the cost, options and versatility. As far as metals I keep finding new and amazing low cost great quality metals. This is an expanding market that seems to defy a lot of logic: amazing metals on the dirt cheap!

Preferences is what dictates the value. In my opinion, if you’re happy, you did good on your choice

YYJ Theory is one of the best metals you can get at $60. This thing can keep up with my Titan3, and even do more. $60 yoyo that plays like a $130 Titanium. Light weight, but not floaty, grooves feel great while grinding, awesome shape, holds horizontal great, great cap design, quick and nimble too. On a right budget need a dead smooth, colorful, affordable metal? Theory is the way to go!