Competition level throws for around 50 bucks

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Unfortunately, from what I can tell, he’d have to find a Corruption on a BST somewhere.

(Justin ) #22

Why is the Corruption such a popular recommendation?


The Corruption is the closest thing I’ve tried to a Grail. With the Grail it’s just hard to put into words how much of a jack of all trades yoyo it is. It’s stable, sounds long enough, is light as a feather and nimble, yet not so light that you don’t notice it’s presence, and it’s a comfortable organic. The Corruption really feels like that also with some minor differences and is a little bit smaller.


I liked the previous colorway of the Iceberg, any info on if and when new colorways will be coming?


Give the Markmont Classic a try! The Heaven Sent Creep is also very similar feeling. Also, my opinion only, so I hope no one gets offended, but I think the Grail is overhyped. Doesn’t really perform any better than most the yoyos out there to me. Yea it’s a good yoyo and very fun, but I personally don’t think it’s worth what people are selling it for based on that alone. Also @T1000 check the BST out for some deals too. For $50 you could definitely pick up a really nice yoyo.


I recently got my first MMC and it’s working it’s way into the rotation. Definitely a great yoyo as well.

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But the MC is a $95 throw (and I don’t see it come up on BSTs very often)…


Corruption is the best budget metal(sub $50) I’ve ever tried

It’s actually based on a design Tyler Hsieh came up with before UNPRLD and Axis(Tyler’s company before UNPRLD) were even a thing. I believe this was around 2013. A 7075 monometal for $50 was completely unheard of at the time. There was no yoyo that came even close to it in terms of performance anywhere near its price.

Not too many of those were sold but the Corruption is the final product and I still think it’s the best budget metal on the market today

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Is it on the market today? Where?


They were only sold on FB bst and on an independent website Tyler made before he even had a company.

Fun fact: It was named the Pulsefire. It started as a monometal and when Tyler made Axis he made a bimetal version, and that’s the Axis Pulsefire.

The Corruption is actually the finalized version of the original monometal Pulsefire.

Just imagine a yoyo that wasn’t much worse than the Corruption for $50. But it was released in like 2014. Not too many were sold but it was basically the Sleipnir of budget yoyos. For the price it was way ahead of its time.




How does the the play and finish feel on the raiser?

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The Finish is fantastic for grinds, very stable, shape is like a Bi-metal Borealis, and very easy to catch, etc, great yoyo.


Great description. I only borrowed my buddy’s, but it’s a little reminiscent of a slightly heavier/more solid Kodiak. It does everything very well. It’s the current budget champ, imo.

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Ah thanks, the Kodiak is what I was forgetting, I only tried a Raiser for like 10 min at IL states, I haven’t tried the Kodiak but they do look a lot alike.

Trying to find a new yo-yo

Ok, so you two @Nocompromise are making me seriously consider the Raiser, so given that Corruption is not easy to pick the choices are Cadence, Raiser, Ashigaru, Shutter (ofc), Kedge and Iceberg.

Any thoughts on the quality (smoothness and grind feel) in case of Cadence vs Raiser vs Ashigaru?

Also no one mentions C3, they seem to have a lot of offerings in this price range?


The grind feel and quality is pretty high on all three, but if you want specifics:
Ashigaru - shape not as good for grinds
Raiser - slightly narrow
Cadence - good all round, if you like keiran’s style

Shutter vs Kedge - legit tho pick between gentry and evan, and go their yoyo.

Iceberg isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so maybe try before you buy.

C3 has some good stuff, but the best (for ~50$) are probably

  • Radius Nexus - shion’s new yoyo, if you like his style it’s a good choice
  • Krown - smooth and flowy with just the right amount of rim weight. 64g
  • Vapormotion (hybrid) - very interesting… try before you buy… but not as extreme as iceberg


How do you feel the Ashigaru stacks up against other quality throws?


C3 makes fantastic throws, but I haven’t tried all of their budget range, except the Radius Nexus (meh). I Love the Omnitron, OG Radius and Atomic Crash.

I enjoy many Sengoku throws (Masamune is my favorite), but my buddy and I really didn’t care for the Ashigaru.

Kedge and Iceberg are both solid, but not as outstanding as the others I listed.

Raiser, Cadence and Corruption are the best in that range, imo. For their relative advantages, I would say Raiser has more power, Cadence more width, Corruption more speed.

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Maybe I just got lucky with the one I received, but I feel the Ashigaru is almost as performant as a Sleipnir or a Format:C. It’s that good, and at $55 it is a steal. I know that some folks aren’t fond of V shapes, but the Ashigaru is a very rounded, comfortable V.