What should I get?

Hey guys looking for a new throw to add to my collection. I have a one drop gauntlet and love it but I feel it lacks some stability. I also have a OD gradient and like it but not as much as the gauntlet. and last but not least I have a shutter and love it all the way around but just want something a little bit different. What do you think? Thanks:)

I might recommend a Manatee? it plays a bit different that what youve got while being pure awesome. :slight_smile:

It stable, good spinning, comfy (in my hand at least) and has crazy acceleration. I wrote a comprehensive review about it if you want to know more, its one of my favs.

Ok thanks. What about a cabal from OD? Any opinions on that or just get another metal or bimetal?

if bimetal was on your radar, i might say YYF Superstar 2016

I recommend a Shutter if you don’t already have one.

It is really smooth, great shape, long spin times, and if you don’t believe me watch Gentry Stien’s 2014 Worlds Freestyle because he was using a shutter

Recess diplomat :+1:

If you’re looking for something different, you could try something from a different manufacturer.

YoYofficer Urban
Duncan Barracuda
Recess Diplomat
Amplified Return Tops Shout
Riverbay Bobcat

And many, many more options.

Aluminum Dream
Replay pro
Space Cadet
Avaitior 2
Big Dipper


Thanks guys. I ended up deciding on a Markmont classic.

There wasn’t one person that recommended that lol

I know. Lol but one drop had a b grade Markmont classic for 50 bucks so I couldn’t pass that up.

Good choice for a great yoyo. I wouldn’t have mentioned it since you said you felt the Gauntlet didn’t have enough stability.