Help me decide please!

Hey guys I’m looking to get a new throw and I have narrowed it down a bit but still unsure about what to get. So far the ones I’m looking at are, the manatee, the edge or another bimetal, or open to your suggestions. I have had my eye on the manatee for awhile and haven’t been able to pull the trigger yet because I got a markmont classic not too long ago (which btw it is phenomenal) and just don’t know if the manatee is worth it. how does it compare to the mc? And i don’t have a bimetal in my collection yet. whats a good option for that? My maximum price range is $100. Thanks guys

Why not go for the Prescription or Terrarian. I have a manatee and it’s very nice but I would try something else before dropping money for something like that. As far as a bimetal the superstar isn’t bad if you like a heavier feeling on the string


Thanks. I have three one drops and i love them all but I would like to try other brands before i get more one drops. As for the superstar i have tried it and like it but is is too similar playing to my shutter imo to justify buying it.

Any other suggestions?

Have you ever tried C3yoyodesign?


For a bimetal at the $100 range, the space cadet would be my choice.

I have a c3 speedaholic and like it how is there other stuff? Cool how does the edge and space cadet compare?

The only bimetals I can vouch for are MYY Stealth (super awesome) and the 2016 Superstar. If you like the manatee I would try to get one used or go for a YYO Quash since it shares similar play characteristics. Smooth feel to them both. And for C3 I have the railgun which is one of my favorites


Ok i looked at the railgun i like it and I’ll consider it. Is a brand new manatee not worth it? I dont have a paypal account to buy it used. Thanks for your help btw. Anybody else’s opinion on the manatee or bimetal options?

Is a Bugatti worth the money? It’s all preference and what you are looking to get.

I don’t have an edge to compare the space cadet to but I assume they are very different.

What do you like in a yoyo? Light weight? Heavy? Wide? Narrow? Big? Small? Some quantitative information based upon stuff such as listed latter would be very helpful for us trying to help you.

Well said! I like the manatee but I’m not sure I would pay the brand new price tag for it when I feel for me there’s $50 yoyos that perform similar or better than it. That being said it is a CLYW and the quality can be felt especially on its finish but that’s just my opinion.


Ok. Honestly im just looking for something different. I don’t really have that many preferences im just trying to get others opinions. Some people swear by the manatee some may differ but someone’s reasons for liking/disliking it may help me make my decision. That is basically what im looking for I guess. I want a fun yoyo that can handle long combos and has a little bit of speed.

I would highly recommend the space cadet then! Good speed, great with longer combos, overall great yoyo.

Ok awesome thanks!

Try the core co standard or the tako there both amazing

imho, Manatee is boss out of the choices ive seen added, So Ill add mine. Im one of the ones that swears by it. It was the first yoyo that I loved so much I bought a second one. Individual results may vary. If I had to take 3 yoyos and only three yoyos in a Stranded on a desert island type scenario, Manatee would be my 3rd choice.

Smoothest yoyo in my collection, grinds for days, mad acceleration, comfy splay in the hand, wide for risky string catches, not the best for tight dense moves, but for big, flowy slowy ones its the best. Has good speed if you want it tho, and doesnt fight direction change. The price is too low if you ask me :wink:

Ok cool what would be your other 2. Lol. Also that core co standard looks pretty dope.

I know you aren’t a speed type of yoyoer but does it have any giddy up and go?

Ok so I just watched Brandon vu’s video on bimetals vs mono metals and I think I’ve crossed bimetals of the list for now. Now it’s down to the manatee, banana hammock, or the core core standard. Any more opinions on the three? Btw I really appreciate all the help guys.

It can go faster than I can, for sure. It was so much the speed that got me but rather how quickly it got to its desired speed that struck me silly. Heavy foot on that gas pedal for a fat ole manatee haha