Wanting to pick up 2 new bimetals

Hello all,

Long time lurker and first time posting. I am looking at picking up two new throws and need some help.

I am on a travel assignment for work and in the rush of packing, I left my yoyos at home :(. Thankfully, I found a yoyo store a few hours away from where I’m staying and I was planning to make a trip over there next week. But… It also means I will be choosing from what they have in stock.

I know I want bimetals and I know I want 2. It seems like 2 will be easy to pack as I travel around for work.

For the first throw, I was thinking of picking up an IQ. I dunno, something about it seems fun and every review I’ve seen so far people are just loving it. I’m open to suggestions, but I would like this first one to be a little more “fun feeling”. A yoyo you just want to mess around with. A daily carry if you will.

For the second throw, I was looking at getting something more competitive. There’s a few different options available at this store and was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction.

OD Draupnir

Do you guys have a favorite among these? Is picking up an IQ and a standard V enough of a difference if you only got to choose 2 throws? I know it really comes down to personal preference. The guy at the store said he’d let me hold each one to see if I like one better than the other but I wanted to reach out for some help from the community as I will probably be spending a lot of money by the time I leave that store haha.

A couple of my favorites that I left at home are:
Vtwo, legendary terrarian, top deck, chopsticks gorilla, banshee, conspiracy, death adder, SK

Oh and the dark magic 2 baby… love that thing.


I can tell you that the iQ is completely worth it. I’ve been singing it’s praises since I picked one up a couple of months ago. It’s so good, I actually got a second one. I think it’s pretty unique in its specs, so just about anything from your list will be different. It’s my top throw, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

As for the others, I’d probably go with Yoyofriends as I have a Vulture and a Koi and have been impressed by both. Can’t speak to the others.


From your list i willl vouch for the Inception and the IQ both really awesome to play… Inception is next level i think you should get it if you can.

But i want to mention @JEA86 and Motion_YoYo has a Centrifugal dropping soon and is fantastic. Motion_YoYo has produced 3 of the best bimetals i own art a vey reasonable price for premium AL7 BiMetal yoyos. Perpetual (H shape first release) and now Centrifugal (M shape goodness). Honestly since getting it after playing any BiMetal in my collecton i pick up Centrifugal and complete my night with it.

Check out the IQ Centrifugal and inception


Can’t go wrong with any of those really


Any of Yyr is worth it?

For me, I am leaning toward Bae or any Toru throw ( Toru 0.9, toru0.99)

Contrary to what the others are saying, I would caution against buying an IQ. Of all the yo-yos that you’ve listed as your favourites, not a single one comes close to the IQ in width. The IQ is really very, very wide. Unless you have played yo-yos that are as wide before and are happy with them, then by all means, knock yourself out, otherwise I wouldn’t be so quick to jump on the IQ. Be sure that you’ll like that huge width before committing $120 to buy the yoyo. I personally dislike super wide yo-yos and the IQ is one such yoyo so I didn’t buy it. I have given such yo-yos quite a few chances to change my mind, like the Dressel Designs Assassin amongst others, but none have managed to do so.

Your favourite yo-yos seem to all have a more solid and stable feel on the string, and are pretty powerful feeling. Those favourite yo-yos also make it seem that you don’t really care much for zippier and more nimble yo-yos. You also seem to like yo-yos that are weighty, about the 65-66g mark, save for the Legendary Terrarian and the Retic Death Adder V2. With this information I will immediately rule out the YoYoFriends yo-yos, especially the Tachyon, as they are probably going to be too light and zippy for you. The Peregrine is probably alright for you, but it has a huge focus on speed and agility (only a bit less agile than the Hummingbird, which is pretty zippy for most people) in spite of its power which might not be ideal for you. Similarly, I would also rule out the Overdrive Draupnir due to its speed and agility on the string, as it is based on the Draupnir. The Overdrive Draupnir also has a tendency to push you to go fast, which is probably not what you want. That leaves you with the Bae, Inevitable and the Inception. You will definitely want the Inception, since its play on the string is going to be quite similar to the yo-yos that you already like, which is being very solid, stable and powerful and the string. It doesn’t move all that quickly, and doesn’t push you to go fast at all, so it’ll be perfectly suited to your tastes. The titanium rims means that you can spark it as well, which is always fun. Between the Bae and the Inevitable, I think you’d like the Inevitable more thanks to its very solid and weighty feel on the string. The shape is also more comfortable in the hand than the W shape of the Bae. However, I don’t really have much information on the Bae as not a lot of people have talked about it, so I think you should decide which yoyo you want between the Inevitable and the Bae.


I’d vote IQ since it’s just such a gorgeous throw and an opportunity to break out from his comfort zone. That said, love your different perspective and reminder to the OP that it’s a big chunk of change for retail price for a yoyo he may not like.


I agree as well, lots of people have liked it and there aren’t a lot of people like me who dislike super wide yo-yos, so it’s not exactly the riskiest purchase. But I would rather have his first foray into the super wide territory be with something cheaper, like maybe a MagicYoYo N5 Desperado, a YoYoFactory R-type or a C3 Neo Master Galaxy.

+1 for the IQ. So happy to see it go from underrated to future classic lately as more people pick them up. I appreciate mine more and more every time I throw it.

I truly appreciate all the support you guys have been giving me.

As for the IQ, I’m definitely going to hold it before I decide to buy it. I don’t think the store will let me throw a string on. I can always ask. Another fun throw I saw was the Mk1 spyglass. An organic bimetal does seem fun. Unfortunately, I don’t care for the color way the guy has in stock.

As for the other, I do want to push myself to get more competition oriented and start to play faster. The peregrine might be a good way to transition from heavier throws to something a bit lighter without feeling lost. That inception does look nice though haha.

As for price, I’m not overly concerned about what I’ll spend. This work contract is on night shift in an area I’m unfamiliar with… Soooo I don’t really have anything else to do but play yoyo or video games on my days off.


Another +1 for the IQ. Great playing throw worth the price. Give the MK1 Exia a look if you can.

Why don’t you like wide yoyos? I love all kinds of yoyos but wide boys are definitely my favorite. Makes landing bangers way more consistent. I love my narrow throws to master tricks and the wide ones to make them easier.


I think the perspectives here are great, and certainly helpful in figuring out what to buy. Honestly one of the reasons I’m on this forum.

I’m in a different camp, though, but no more important than any other. I love the iQ, but also have a Koi, a Speedaholic and an Author in my regular rotation. Honestly, the differences are what make me happy. If I want the throw that seems to read my mind, I’ll pick up the iQ. If I need a chill diversion, then the Koi. Something that’s just plain fun, the Speedaholic. Something truly unique, the Author. While I appreciate my favorite specs—46mm wide, 56mm diameter and 65g (arguably pretty vanilla)—I’ve been pleasantly impressed by throws outside of those measurements. Ultimately I guess I’m saying I wouldn’t rule anything out just because it’s not like the rest or its outside of your preferred specs. They might just surprise you.


Great post!

So I wanted to update this thread to let you guys know how everything shook out.

I just got done at the store. The staff was super nice and accommodating. I would recommend them, but I don’t want to step on YYE’s toes (who are also super great). They let me try out a TON of different yo-yos. I was there for hours comparing a bunch of them.

First, for the competition oriented throw. I went with the Inception. It is sooo powerful. Extremely stable and feels amazing in the hand. It has quickly risen to one of my favorite throws I’ve ever played with. The peregrine was also amazing and it was definitely a tough choice, but at the end of the day, the Inception was just way too cool to pass up on. This includes the fact that I also got to play with the OD Draupnir, Bae, Inevitable, Onslaught, Tachyon, Peregrine, Exia, Vulture among others.

About the IQ, it was great. I didn’t think it was too wide, but it is wide. It was a great throw. I really liked it. But… I didn’t love it. At least, I didn’t love it the way I love the inception. This led me to pick up a Spyglass. Man that Spyglass is cool. The organic nature also felt different enough from the standard V shape that I thought it was a better idea to get an organic as my second through rather than the IQ.

Now, I was just about to buy them. The Inception and the Spyglass. However… I just happened across the RSO Bowl. And man that thing is so damn fun, I couldn’t put it down. I really wanted 2 bimetals, but I figured I have one of the best bimetals ever made, I may as well just get a second throw for pure fun. And that’s what the bowl instilled in me. It was fun. It made me want to pick it up and keep playing with it. Sure it’s not the power house that the inception is, but why do I need that when I have the inception.

Sooo yeah, I went with the inception and the bowl. I have no regrets and I love each one. I would recommend either one of them.


I love a happy ending! (Why does that sound a little off?)

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I would say YYR is always worth it at BST prices. Most times you can snag the bimetals for 60-120 bucks, with a more realistic average of (100-120ish). However all depends on your preferences. I have a Toru 0.9 and love it, along with several other YYR’s.

Wow! Thank you so much for the feedback!

Super happy you enjoyed the Inception out of all the other bi-metals!

It makes us proud to know that our competition oriented yoyo can be put in the same category as all the other great competition throws!

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Inception is also my favorite throw out right now so I know how you feel! My most expensive yo-yo cost $1000 and I still preferred the play feel of inception so I sold the 1k one :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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That’s awesome! Looks like I was on point about the Inception.

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