Wanting to pick up 2 new bimetals

For me, it’s mostly about how wide yoyos feel in the hand. My fingers are pretty lanky, which means my palm as a whole is way longer than it is wide and my fingers are kinda thin. The Mowl Surveillance fits all 3 of my longest fingers in its entire width nicely, which is only 42.5mm. Wide yoyos just feel really awkward in my hand simply because it’s too wide for my fingers to fit perfectly around the entire width of the yoyo. I don’t mind widths that are smaller than the width of my longest 3 fingers though, I absolutely love slimline yoyos like the Dressel Designs Kanto (the best slimline I have played with honestly). I’m also a connoisseur of mini yoyos from the very beginning (the Heist was the first yoyo I bought, along with the One) which probably has shaped my preferences towards yoyos that aren’t wide but are instead rather narrow. Wide yoyos are also not pocketable, and extremely wide yoyos like the IQ would probably hurt to put in my pocket. A Mowl Surveillance, however, fits quite nicely and doesn’t dig into my thighs too much. In terms of the play on the string, super-wide yoyos tend to be more unstable than their normal-width counterparts. I understand that bimetals like the IQ are super stable and all, but if the width of the IQ was reduced, it would be much more stable than it is currently. Wide yoyos also aren’t that great for tight tech tricks that have a lot of strings nearby as it is very easy to hit multiple strings at the same time. It’s not a very big deal for me since I mostly do speed combos, but it’s still a drawback of wide yoyos. For me, being able to hit risky bangers more easily isn’t really worth all the annoyances I have with super-wide yoyos.