Need help with a bimetal

Looking to purchase a bimetal throw. I narrowed it down to these 4, looking for opinions on them.

YYF Switchblade

Duncan Exit8

General Yo Mini Star 2

MK1 Exia



I have the bottom three and would guess that the Switchblade is great as well. I love the Exit 8 personally, but the Exia is a little bigger and more comfy in the hand iirc. If you could only have one, I’d probably compare the Exia to the Switchblade. Otherwise, just listen to the siren call from each and go with the one with the best song.

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Exia is one of the best performers I’ve owned. Great yoyo and one of the only bimetals I would consider picking up again.


I played the switchblade last weekend. It’s very good. I really enjoyed it. I have no experience with the others (yet…an Exia is on the way)


Exia all the way, it is my favorite bi metal so far. I have a Akita on the way, we’ll see how they match up.

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Exia, without question.

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Just ordered the YoYoExpert Edition Exia. Thanks for the replys. Sounds like a great all around throw.


Thank you for picking up an Exia!

I am curious about the Switchblade - wondering how similar it is.



Thank you for putting out quality products, I a proud to support American companies.

RBC - 1 Red, 1 Black, 1 Clear, 1 YYE
Spyglass - ordered
Aitch- ordered
Sliver- ordered
Exia- ordered


Glad you found something. I would chime in with the iQ. I have a Switchblade, and while it’s good, my iQ is in another league. Anyway, maybe something to try down the road.

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Let me know how you like the spyglass once it arrives.

how is the switchblade?

I like it. The problem I have is I got it around the same time as the iQ, and it overshadowed the Switchblade. The SB is a solid, nicely weighted throw with a good shape. It’s fairly stable, spins well and looks great. Compare to the iQ, though, it’s just good, not great. I like it, but it’s not getting as much throw time.

I’m not the one you asked. But I really enjoyed playing around with someone else’s Switchblade a couple of weeks ago. It’s very different from the IQ I think.