I know throws are subjective, but recommendation based on what I click with?

So far I have tried allot of stuff, liked many but really only loved the Manatee. Immediately it helped me nail stuff I struggled with before. It’s speed, long spin time, strong bind, and ease of working for catches is what I like. I’m a casual thrower, with my son, around the house and backyard, still learning allot when I have time. My funds are much stronger than my skill level unfortunately, I can afford to try lots of different models.
If I like the Manatee so much can someone recommend one or two others I might click with as well? I’ve never owned a bimetal, maybe its time to give one a try?

What I’ve had that I can remember…
-Shutter, really liked
-Borealis, was ok for me
-AC, liked it ok, liked the AC2 much more
-AC2, really liked, should have kept it
-Orca, really like, slow but stable, still have it
-Replay, bought several and hated them all
-Big Dipper, really like, still have it
-Yeti, liked it but traded
-Yeti 2.0, really like, still have it
-DV888, first quality throw, still have it, its small for me

Suggestions for my next throw?

What about a wide bimetal? The edge for example… It’s almost a 47 mm width. That would still give you easy catches. It is also bimetal so it’s stable. Just a thought…

I think you would like the Summit. Wide, extremely stable and well-rounded. I think you’d like the Valor too, one of the best if not the best monometal in my opinion.

If you want to try bimetal the Axis Pulsefire and 2Sick Knight may be what you’re looking for.

Or maybe you want to check out the bst and try to find a YYR Draupnir if you want the best of the best.


Yeah I would definitely give a bi-metal a try. Draupnir is the best of the best but there are a ton of other really good options. Also the Valor which Andy recommended is incredible.


Manatee is slow and stable,and its really not that wide.I wanna try a C3 Radius and i think the shape may be appealing to you,tho,its a speed yoyo(look at Shion) Clyw compass looks nice too.Also,take a look at the basecamp jackknife

Not that wide? What do you consider a wide yoyo? Just stuff like the super wide and monster? To me, anything over 44 mm is consider wide.