Competition level throws for around 50 bucks

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From personal experience, the YYF Marco is a bimetal beast! Extreme V-NESS and width, tons of SS rim weight. $60 new but I got mine mint off the BST for $40. Check out **yoyojoe * and Brandon Vu, they have 2 reviews on the Marco on YouTube. The thing slays like a Ferrari; you don’t wanna drive it every trip to work or the store, you wanna take it out to see how far you can push your luck with the law. Laws of physics in this sense.


Thanks for your input! I figured the Marco will perform like so given that it’s Polo’s signature. My only issue is that it feels a bit on the wider side, not unlike the Cadence. But then again, when I look at Keiran Cooper’s freestyle the yoyo just makes sense, I am simply not at their level yet so the extra width will probably not help me much, regardless it’s really a delight to watch what they can do with such a throw.

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Pretty much anything by TopYo. I don’t know how they do it, but both the Silenus and Colossus III that I have are easily competition level throws, and I think they’re both less than $40. My Colossus is a little on the small side, which I like, and has incredible rim weight. Unlike the Colossus, the Silenus is super wide, which a lot of others might like, and is also a super stable throw.

Another one of my throws that’s also been mentioned is the Shutter Wide-Angle. Super wide, and the stability the thing has is off the charts. I’m not very good at horizontal, but I can throw the Wide-Angle sideways and let it sit at the bottom of the string for ~10 seconds and still pop it back up and bind it, something I rarely can do with my other throws. It has also has two, yes TWO, IRG rings. That alone makes me love it.

And all of them have that lovely smooth blasted finishing that makes grinds feel silky smooth