Budget competition throws?


I’m stepping my game up this year and I am starting to learn more each week. What is a good budget throw that would be good for competition?

(Victorian YoYos) #2



I’ll pretty much always suggest the Shutter. Super high performance yoyo for $45. Pretty much anything Yoyofactory is up to competition standards for a cheap price.


I would buy something off #buy-sell-trade there are so many great deals right now. YYF Boost for $45, for example, that’s an awesome bimetal.

(Justin ) #5

I think the Boost would be a steal as well :wink: It would be great for competition given it’s long spin time.


What do you consider budget?


Under 70$.


Thanks! That opens up the possibilities a bit (I was thinking $50). Is there any particular specs you like or are you open to anything in that price range?


I prefer yoyofactory but I want to try something different.

(Thomas Bellotti) #10

I second the advice to go B/S/T for whatever you decide on .

70 bucks goes a LONG way if you’re buying from someone here instead of new. 70 bucks would price you out of a lot of the boutique brands if you go brand new. But oh the BST, you’re looking at all your G2’s, SF’s, 2sick’s, CLYW’s, etc. Basically anything except for the super pricy stuff can be had for 70 dollars if you go this route.

I’ve only been here for a month or so, and I’ve already had a lot of luck finding some really nice throws on the BST. Check Reddit as well, and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll really enjoy.

Just to be on topic, I’ll recommend the 2sickXOhYesYo Knight&Gale. I just got mine on here for I think 65 bucks. Really digging it so far

(Jacob Waugh) #11

Topyo Raiser.


If you’re buying new, then I vote Raiser 2, Cadence or Corruption. The linked thread has more detailed opinions.

If you choose the BST, then I would say Flashback, CF, Bliss, Orbital, Borealis 2, Cognition, or Atomic Crash.

(ClockMonsterLA) #13

I would put that $70 towards a TopYo Dominator. Amazing performance for the price, IMO.


Probably not what you want to hear, but you really have to try different throws to see which ones are right for your style. You might do better to put money aside to go to a bigger yo-yo contest where you can try a bunch of different ones.
You still might not settle on one if your skills increase and you try different types of tricks. I guess that’s another plug for the BST, you can usually recover something from a used sale if you really feel like you outgrow your yo-yo, but usually it’s not so much a need for a better throw than a need for more practice.


I took your advice and went on the b/s/t. I am about to be trading some of throws I don’t use so much.