best throw for around $50?

if your looking for on here, I say TOKEN or shutter are your best bets. I heard good things from cypher too. But inmy person opinon, go to amazon and get the shark honor or magic yoyo n12. One of the bes I own for 23 bucks, ad that’s going against the super nova, shutter and 888.

Yeah I really thought about the token too I like undersized throws but I own a shutter and a N12 there both awesome

But if there wasn’t the deal with the protostar would you still recommened it? And would you recommened it over yyo yoyos like the lava or musket?

I think a protostar alone would perform as well if not better than those YYO throws. Personally, I feel like the protostar outperforms a lot of metals. When I go out I always bring a protostar with me.

Keep in mind that ANY of these yoyos will still perform well enough to get you through learning ANY of the tricks on this site. Remember that the world yoyo contest was won using a $45.00 yoyo, the shutter. A lot is personal preference. The difference in actual performance of two yoyos with a similar shape will generally be marginal. Go for what looks nice you and what you can afford.

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The YYO throws are awesome. The Protostar does not outperform them. It performs equally (minus grinds) but for my money, the YYO throws are a no-brainer purchase vs. the Protostar.

I still love the Werrd Minute at $50 though.

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I find my Lava lacks in sleep time vs my other throws.

Yeah I really like the protostar I’ve used one before but I like metal more honestly. But still thank you that’s probably the best advice for my next throw I’ve gotten so far

Buy my cascade! $50

This thread is weird. Insiiight says he loves the Shutter but his favorite yoyo on his profile is a Magic Yoyo I believe. Moise says the 888x is his favorite YYF, yet his profile says his favorite throw is the Boss.

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I haven’t updated my profile in years

I laughed really hard when I saw this. Yeah I haven’t changed it yet because I just got my shutter about a week ago

Some yoyos may have been listed there with account for a certain price range or even for sentimental values. It may well not be the exact best performing yoyo especially in a different price range specified.

great way to put it.

Sometimes people (me) just forget to change it. Whoops!

Yeah I’m really digging small yoyos. Mighty flea is a bit too small to be practical but is fun, the token is really good. Like it’s one of my top favorits because it preforms really well.

Try the n9. I honestly think it’s on par with n12, an it has z stacks that are really fun. Only thing about the z stacks on the n9, first of all mine were loud. Like, push in on them too hard and it makes people jump kind of loud. And second, they don’t take the same o rings as they sell on here.

The best luck I’ve had is order a few off here (Or pick the up at lows for like, a million for 2 dollars) and get like a fillet knife, a mutitool or something small and flat you can use to hold the o ring down, and do your best to cut the o ring in half like a begal. I luckily did an ok job on my first try, but it does make it a little obnoxious. but you get two out of each one so theres that too.

I’ve herard a lot of people say the n9 was loud but I’ve strongly considered it a few times. I just wasn’t sure how I feel about z-stacks

it is loud, but mine has quieted down a lot. And it looks good with out the z stacks too. I just like the z stacks because I do enjoy hubstacks, but the only other yoyo I have with them is my 888 and those stacks are really hard to grab in mid air. I like the z stacks just because they’re easy to learn on and catch.
I would honestly say get it. On amazon its like 14 dollars and it honestly Is on par with a lot of other yoyos I have, including the 888 and supernova. I think it does better than the nova to be honest. The only thing I will say is I heard it dents easy, but I just don’t that on the road with me.

Yeah I probably will the next time I get paid. Yeah my n5 dinged and scraped really easy its probably about the same. But I agree that its definitely one of the nicer looking throws for its price

the n12 is also really nice but a bit bigger but it plays like the shutter in most if not all aspects

Yeah I own a N12 and I enjoy it as much as my shutter