Rally or shutter

I’d say go for the shutter if you prefer metals. No matter what the rally will always be a plastic no matter how well it plays and I think the shutter plays on par with the rally anyways.

I played a bunch of Rally this weekend, and some very talented yoyoers were also playing their Rallies. These are people with access to cases full of beautiful high-end metals, mind you! They picked the Rally because it performs like a champ and it has something “fun” to it.

It really does grind will for catch-zone grinds (eg. finger grinds), and it plays smooth as heck. With a smooth bearing, it plays quiet. With a loud bearing, the sound is amplified like all plastics.

I also had occasion to try a Shutter. It played unbelievably well. I would not hesitate to recommend one of these yoyos to anyone with an interest in this style of yoyo or in the colourways available. It is a very good yoyo period, and the price makes it all the better.

Choosing only one, consider these:

  • If you don’t have many metals yet or love the look of the Shutter, get it!
  • If you have a few good metals already, get the Rally. It adds something different to your collection and performs amazingly at the same time.

By those criteria, I’d be getting the Rally. And I wouldn’t regret it a bit!

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I have never played a rally, but I have a shutter and it is really good. Grinds are just ok but everything else is amazing. It sleeps for a very long time (I have a gold ct in it) and it’s super stable. It’s pretty fast but can go slow if you want it to. Also it does horizontal great. I say you should get the shutter

I have a shutter, and it’s awesome. grinding finish isn’t the best though, but I heard they’re coming out with a blasted version, so that would solve the issue :slight_smile:

If they are coming out with a blasted version, then it looks like I’m going to end up with a second Shutter.

And at least 3 Rallies, maybe 4. I have 2 already.

I don’t care where it’s made, I care about the price :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They both tend to retail at $45. Both play WELL above that price point.

However, sometimes it makes a difference where it’s made. I totally get you not caring. I understand. Price is a factor. I myself am kinda getting tired of stuff from certain areas of the planet, and I’m just a bit more aware of it thanks to the recent issues with our government and having to first-hand deal with a companies constantly shipping work and/or jobs over-seas.

Do you want a plastic that can grind, or a a V-shaped metal that can do finger spins and is a better shape for horizontal?

Both are winners. The Shutter has a major title under it’s belt now thanks to 2013 US Nationals. The Rally doesn’t have that, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome.

Ben had gold blasted unengraved shutters at nats from their test run and they were awesome

Get both

Gold blasted??? I wonder if that actually has any benefit over the more common yoyo blasting media or does it just sound cool.

Gold was the color of the shutter. The blasting medium was whatever YYF normally uses.

I bet they were. I didn’t have any YYF’s on my wants list, and with a small spending budget for Nats, YYF wasn’t on my “wants” list that day. Augie’s new signature destroyed a third of my budget(with pleasure!).

I hope YYF decides to go forward with a blasted Shutter for production.

I also feel the clear Rally plays a touch better than the green and reds. It could just be I got a slightly better bearing in that one though.

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meant to say they were anodized gold and bead blasted

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Oops my bad, got me a little confused ???

i have ordered a rally an will eventually get a shutter

There was a comma missing hehe gold, blasted, and unengraved…

I own them both, and I prefer the Shutter over the Rally. I enjoy both, but a metal that plays that well, and looks so great for only $45, I consider a much better deal than the $45 plastic. That’s just my opinion, but if you can get both, do so, because you will not regret either of them. When that blasted Shutter is released, I’m all over that.

Not 100% true. the markings, according to the CPSIA, are required for toys that are intended for children 12 years of age or younger. YYF could get around these product markings by making a case that their yo-yos are made for an older crowd. I do believe that YYF had Chinese made Superstars that only had the Made In China tag on the box and not laser etched on the yo-yo.

As for my opinion on what to get, I would go with the Rally. The shape is more appealing to me and it has a better grind surface. That is just my opinion though.

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shutter! long spin time, horizontal as well and it great for finger spins/thumb grind

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Thank you for that I had been looking for that info!