Rally or shutter

Just got some confirmation. The Shutter is Machined in China but the blasting, anodizing, and packaging is all done in the US. I don’t know where the line is between a Chinese made yoyo and a US made yoyo is for most but I would say the Shutter is a Chinese metal. Not that it makes much differnece to me, I still am a bigger fan of the Rally and would choose it over the Shutter. It fits my personal preferences quite a bit better… and you can’t get a Shutter in see though. ;D

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I think since the yoyo halves are machined/manufactured in China, that makes this a Chinese yoyo.

The rest, such as blasting and anodizing, are just “finishing” processes.

The Shutter shines with a better bearing in it, at least in my experience. It’s good on its own, but pop a CenterTrac or Buddha Dimple, and it transitions to “a whole lot better” to even “great” in my opinion.

The Rally I feel is fine as is, but really benefits from a better bearing in it as well.

Indeed, and if you’d rather pass on that super shiny beautiful metal Shutter, the blasted version is coming soon. Then, you will have Shutter finish options. I love the Shutter. I’m so happy Gentry Stein won nationals with that new release. YoyoFactory for the win!

Oh, and besides the great colors and play, here is a look at mine spinning…pretty, for sure:

Shutterspiin3 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr