Popular yo-yo that you just couldn't get into?


I enjoyed the NvX, other than the response system being way too shallow for flowable. And I started throwing when the cut released, something I always had hype for but never tried.


The G&Es were very aesthetically pleasing shapes to my eye

(Erik Kerber ) #46

For me it was the Arctic Circle 2. The time s seemed to jut out too much fir my taste. Made it feel too uncomfortable in the hand. The stability was nice and all, but my dislike of the in the hand feel made it not worth it. If I can’t enjoy just holding it I can’t enjoy throwing it.

(Jvela1991) #47

G2 Banshee is just not my thing and also OD Kuntosh. Banshee was too angular and sharp if that makes sense and the Kuntosh just felt sort of bland

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #48

Poly wEDGE.
Honestly worst plastic ive tried.

(Choncworth) #49

SF Cadence


Do you not like hard H shapes in general?


The draupnir gave me super mixed feelings. It plays amazing, but just doesn’t feel right to me. This will sound weird, but too perfect? I dont know.


I would. I no longer own a TiWalker. I have no interest in “hyping it to keep the price high” or anything of that nature.

Funny thing is… it’s still the best yoyo I’ve ever thrown or owned. Hands down. I’ll speak no more on this subject as I feel I’m kicking a dead horse.

(Ken) #53

Hummingbird and Magpie


Skyva, Shutter, Horizon, and here’s a big one… Markmont Classic. The Next was my first high end metal and it has huge sentimental value, waited til midnight to buy the Classic on release day and really wanted to like it but idk. It was a great yoyo but I didn’t really enjoy throwing it for some reason. Similar thing happened with the Fingerspin, instant buy, really wanted to like it but that thing was sooo boring to play with

Code 2 and KLR as well when they were popular years ago. Just didn’t enjoy throwing them.





I can maybe see the first two, at least…


Skyva just got overhyped imo, not enough stability and spin time. Kind of boring too

Shutter is just not that good anymore, there’s $30 yoyos that are better. Never really liked playing with it in the first place though

Classic actually plays really well for what it is, I just never reached for it that much. It was a shocker for me too, I really wanted to love it :upside_down_face:

({John15}) #57

I never caught hype for the Cadence either

(ClockMonsterLA) #58

I like my MC. The only reason I don’t reach for it very often (so far) is that I’m just not that into organics (yet). But if/when that changes, I expect I’ll throw the MC quite a lot.

({John15}) #59

It’s interesting though, I never thought I would like the Kuntosh. But one showed up in my mailbox one day, and it is one of my favorite yoyos.


The Chief… I looked for one for a good while, then when I finally got it… meh.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #61

Nope, i actually quite like H shapes. Wedge is more of a W shape in my opinion though


It varies by edge model a bit, technically it is the angle from response well to cup that is most “H” … but very hard flat rims, I also think make an H.

({John15}) #63

But I thought a step of some sort is what made an H? Like the Genesis and Shutter?
Kuntosh and Edge are more in line with a W imo