Unique yoyos


Ok, I don’t want you to get a bad impression, so I’m gonna start out straight. I own a Supernova, AC, and Dietz, and I love them all. The thing is, I recently realized I’m sick of buying straight out competition throws. So, I need you guys to tell me some unique throws. Examples would be superwides like the Master Galaxy, fixed axles, or odd designs and sizes, like the pure. Help is appreciated ;D(also, I would like them to be available on YYE)


Hey I’ll take those 3 off your ands if you’re sick of them :wink:


I’ve heard you say this in at least two other threads :smiley:


YYF Popstar, it’s a fun little yoyo
YYF Velocity, the weight is pretty much all at the center, which makes for a very unique playing experience.


Hey it’s gonna work some day :smiley:


Avg2 cliff h5 aoda littles. Ilyy st.ell and trvth. Walter


I tried it with, you… Didn’t work.


PopStars don’t perform we’ll, if you want a mini I suggest the token (easily accessible, very well playing). The H5xChief is very fu one you get the hang of it.


I’ve had this same question before. A few I can recommend you try out are:
Pacquiao (seriously, the thing doesn’t even feel like it’s on the string)
Jirorian (enormous, o-ring response, narrow… lots of fun.)
Noctu (the shape is more-so unique than anything. It plays well, but nothing really out of the ordinary)
1a with a big yo
yyf whistling yoyo
big deal or mighty flea

If you can get your hands on one, pretty much any bist. The 1 piece bearingless throw, the square one (someone was selling one, I think it’s called a tondo, on the b/s/t for way more than it’s worth, but only one I’ve ever seen for sale)

That one top-yoyo hybrid. Heard it was a mediocre version of both, but it could be fun

The yyj synergy, photo spirit, or any other bearingized rim yoyo


My Popstar performs great, I had a chance to get a Popstar or a Token at a contest, and after trying them I chose the Popstar. If you’re looking for a mini yoyo, the Token just isn’t quite small enough.


Maybe it’s because when I has a popstar I was only like 3 months into yoyoing.


Popstar’s aren’t the best performers, but they’re a ton of fun. I love mine.


If you could find one and buy it from someone, the mighty flea is fun to play with


I have a mighty flea


The Rebel Yo macrocosm is a great throw. I have the older 1 but the new 1 is available on yye


Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I like the looks of the Pacquiao and Noctu.

(2Sick Joey) #17

Pacquiao is as unique as it gets! Not only does it feel unique in play but if it also plays amazing. I miss mine


Those definitely get my vote

Also an eli/baby dert or st. eel are fun micro throws
The master galaxy is super fun
The Walter is interesting
And if you can find a pybit those are equally as awesome


How about the Monkeyfinger Lesula. I haven’t tried it, but it looks quite unique ;D


Out of those, the only one I’ll probably every find for purchase is the Master Galaxy.

Yes, I was also looking at that!