Least favorite yoyo?

I can’t pick one. I’ve never got a bad vibe from any yoyo I’ve used.

Come to think of it…

The only yoyo I didn’t really like was a sb Bassalope I had. Don’t know why but I just didn’t like it. It wasn’t the sb that I didn’t like either… loved my Jason Lee 888, love my FHZ. Just disliked the Bassalope.

You sir, are funny. Happy late birthday by the way!

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Ooh, I soo concur with that statement. The only throw I’ve bought that actually disappointed me.

For me is a protostar, don’t have one but tried one and it has terrible vibe and too light for my taste (or because it is already beat up)

My Rev G. It’s like throwing a rubber chicken.

I’ve never thrown a Rev G but have always wanted to. However, I do have a rubber chicken! I think I’ll put a string on it and give it a yo. (lol Grabs rubber chicken, grabs string, opens loop inserts chicken. Darn snap start doesn’t work! Winds string, puts loop around finger. Throws…)

Hmmm, I think I might pass on the Rev G ;D.

My least favorite yoyo is the one that everyone loves.

Cause people don’t know decent throws.


Great… I’m just ordered one. Sorta. Waiting for a blue one.

Like it or not, it’s part of a larger thing I have planned. I’m going to use it to learn 4A, then the Fiesta XX to really do 4A with.

Bigyo is probably my least favorite 4a yoyo.

My only problem with the big yo is that it has snag issues. Other than that though, I really like mine.

Were all gonna get banned. ;D

Another self-righteous post from Jayyo that adds nothing to the discussion. :wink:

A person’s least favorite yoyo depends on what other yoyos the person has in their collection. I hope people understand that when they read this thread. My collection is small…I only have one non-all metal yoyo, the Speeder 2, which is also my worst yoyo. Although it’s my worst, I do love playing with it.

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mine has got to be the mayhem because it just is too snaggy and unstable for my style but thats my opinion some people love the mayhem just not me

I’m inclined to agree. It’s only natural that I love things that others hate, as well.

Its something I dealt with all my life.
Not even kidding, I made reviews on some yoyos that everyone hated that I loved.
And people literally commented on them saying: You are totally wrong.

I’m like: yeah…Buzz off.



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For me it’s the TFL, followed closely by the Alph, Cream, and Yuuksta.

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Duncan Butterfly/Imperial and those cruddy tin ones you get at carnivals. I put one under hydraulic press. TEEHEE

I hate the fact of saying that I dont like a yoyo that a hard working yoyo company makes, but…
If I had to choose, it would be the HSpin Pyro light. I just dont like how thin it is, and it just feels… ehh. And when it spins its just like… ???
Im not really sure how to explain it. Its just my 2 cents. Thats all. :wink: