something that ust annoys me..

have any of you noticed that when you hear news about some yoyo that sometimes people over exaggerate how the yoyo plays? I have seen this with the DMII plenty of times when ever people start the think it is the best yoyo ever yet when i tried the yoyo i have high expectations from what i have heard. But all it does is disappoints me by how it plays because of how everyone raves over it.

  1. Now my question to you guys is have any of you experienced this with any other yoyos or is it juat a dark magic II yoyo thing?
  2. Why do people do this? they just seem to set everyone up disappointment over all this praise for one yoyo.

this ust annoys me too


The summit

I tried it and it doesn’t have the hype for me to call it my favorite throw.

I personally like the DM2 a lot. I just don’t get the whole YYR and CLYW thing. None of them really felt special to me.


I buy what I want and make my own decisions and impressions based on my experiences. I gotta buy it, I gotta play it, I gotta see if I’m gonna live with it or not.

I happen to enjoy the DM2 a lot.

I think one that let me down was the dv888, but we have to keep in mind that despite the fact that this is still a good yoyo, this yoyo isn’t an ideal match for me and my preferences. There’s been many other YYF’s that weren’t good fits for me, including the Skyline, *-Nova yoyos, Genesis, 888x, Severe and a few others. Absolutely nothing wrong with any of those, just not a good fit for me. But this isn’t a slam on YYF, as I have plenty of YYF’s(including metals) I enjoy.

Ignore the hype, but you do need to make smart purchases. If you can try first, then please do so.

All CLYWs.

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People are simply very excited when they get their new yoyo. Since the DMII (and other similar yo-yos) is usually purchased by players entering intermediate and advanced level tricks, it is probably the first “real” throw they have gotten. As mentioned, formulate your own hypothesis and expectations of yo-yos from the sources you trust.


Lack of tolerance for other’s opinions facepalm

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very true


With so many yoyos, not every yoyo meets everyone’s needs/wants/desires/expectations. Stuff I dislike, others love, and vice-versa.

For the most part, a yoyo is a yoyo. With different shapes, sizes and weight distributions, we kind of have to know what to expect once we’ve been at this for a certain amount of time and experimenting with different yoyos to find what we like.

I think some amount of hype is required for every new yoyo dropping. This can be minimized to making it a bit more than more of a “press release” type announcement though to state “this is coming, it costs this, specs, general description, and price” Some of us are living and breathing skill toys, but I’m not as I have a crap-load of other stuff that I have to do, so I’m relying on a few key sources to get my information from quickly and easily(yoyonews and yoyoskills comes to mind) so I can be alerted as to what’s new and what’s coming.

+1 now THAT ust annoys me.

I have a theory on this. I think opinions will follow the ‘bell curve’ like with most everything else. The majority feel ‘this’ way, with fewer people at either extremes of the curve. I think every yoyo has its own bell curve. Two people may be at different ends of the curve will totally disagree on that yoyo. But, most people will land ‘under the dome’ of the curve for particular yoyo. Whether most people think the yoyo is good or bad.

For those who don’t know, a bell curve looks something like an upside-down bell.

  /       \
 /         \

I think hype may temporarily skew the curve one way or the other, but as more and more people chime in over time, it eventually ends up as a bell curve. My $.02.

Same here with the clyw. I can grab two yyf over clyws. I know that clyw is smooth and vibe free and all, but to me, sometimes that’s just not enough for me to pay that price. Yyf may have low re sell value, but I don’t go looking for a yoyo to buy, just to sell again.

One drop and spyy is good for me.

I believe a lot of the hype comes from the younger members of the community. They tend to be easily excitable.

Also, the hyperbole descriptions may just be a bit of an overjustification for having spent so much on a toy.

There could also be an exclusionary factor. Someone gets a nice new yoyo and posts about it, essentially saying ‘I’ve got this amazing yoyo that play so nice and you don’t have it!’

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I see this a lot but I haven’t had this problem before.
An example is the summit.

I usually spend quite awhile digging through YouTube reviews to find one that’s made by some one who’s an adult. No offense to kids, I’ve got some and I love them, but things just generally don’t mean as much and value doesn’t have the same… Value, when its not your money that’s being spent. They usually seem to have less details and facts and more general opinions.

^That is what I have been doing.

rabbits facepalm