your collection

what is everyone’s yoyo colection.I know there are many threads about this but I havent seen one post ur yoyos.

mine are:a duncan mosquito,a duncan speed bettle,a duncen flying squirre,a YYF F.A.S.T. 201,a duncan freehand,a YYJ kickside,a YYF velocity,a duncan hayabusa,a YYF plastic grind machine w/o hubstacks,a YYJ legacy,a one drop m1,a YYF DNA pre producion version,and finnally a YYF skyline

Right now a X-con, DM, Preproduction BB Bully, 2 Mosquitos, standard Duncan Imperal, Lucha Libera(junk), I have three on the way EKG Slave 1, HSpin Envy, Spyy Addict. That is all for now I will post Pics when I get them all. May add a few more in the next couple of weeks :wink:

any others,I know you have some

I have a clear stacked PGM, milk 2%, and a black G5.

Also have a few coming in, kinda went on a shopping spree.

Waiting for Speed Dial, Eye of tiger edition Skyline, and DV888.


cool,PMed u a question

Cut, trainwreck, pgm, pair of loop 720s, dark magic, aquarius, pyro, legacy, modded raider, pair of lyn furies, fast 201, and a superstar on the way

I have two :-
Yomega Hot Shot(not a bad beginner to early advance yo-yoing)

god i cant wit to have a big collection! lol iv got a YYJ DM maters edition, audley l3, and a henrys cobra (i started with this and after about 2 weeks i was fed up with it and got my dm!)

I’ve got a Dark Magic, Hitman, Meteor, Lyn Fury, Fast 201, Velocity, Fast offstring, 2 Proyo’s, Pulse, and my speedmaker has been stolen.

I might be getting a pgm tomorrow though.

If you decide that you don’t like the EKG let me know. ;D

And I am too lazy to lost them all. I don’t have the time right now. I will do it sunday when I get home.

2 Sunsets
2 Kicksides
1 Dark Magic
1 Black Knight
1 X-ConVict
1 modded SpeedMaker
1 Legacy
1 Big Ben
1 Aquarius
1 modded Lyn Fury

I have more, but that’s the ones that I know where they are.

-Mitchell Purdy

Yah right it would take a lot to pry it from my hands, I got it today and it looks like it will be my main player for a while. P.S. the ano work on it is so sweet it looks trashed but it plays so smooooooooooooooth I love he unique look of it.

I have a Dm, Pink and black special DM, 2 Legacys, X con, Spinfactor, chico nationals edition 888, 2 Freehands, 2 Proflys, and proyo.

keep spinning


X-convict, PGM unstacked, M1, Modded lyn, Loop 720, Sunset Trajectory, and Legacy.

PM any questions or if you might wanna trade :slight_smile:

bluegrass m1

spacebat m1



mini motu


bigyo(best 4a)



pgm unstacked(best counterweight)

Speed Beetle
Metal Zero
Throw Monkey (axel stripped)

Dark Magic
Lyn Fury

Caribou Lodge YoYoWorks
Bear Versus man OgoPogo Edition.

Since when you have a BvM? Trade or how?

He bought it when it was released. :slight_smile:

He never said that!!! CoughCLYW Nerdcough


Awesome, tell us how it plays!

I created this thread so you can share ur collection,not talk about unrelated things,thanks!