Your Collection

What yoyos do you guys have?

I have:

Duncan Butterfly
One Drop M1

Ive got a Dark Magic, An Fhz, an aquarius, a kickside, a legacy, and a duncan butterfly

yomega xodus 2
yyj speeder
yyj dark magic
yyf fast 201
yyf fast 201(i have 2)
yyj speed maker
duncan butterfly
yomega powerspin

its not much but it works :wink:

dont have many:
speed beetle
and sometimes I use my dads sunset trajectory

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Envy 64


Dark Magic
SpinFaktor HG

Speed Beetle x2

My collection:
NED Glow Yo
Duncan Mosquito
YoYoJam Lyn Fury
YoYoJam Legacy
YoYoJam Hitman
YoYoJam Axiom
Yomega Raider
Yomega Raider
Duncan Hayabusa

Wow, you have a lot, thought you didnt have that many lol

spintactic tigershark
spintactic torch
henrys lizard
YYF flymaster
Duncan metal zero
YYJ Dark Magic ;D

Duncan Flying Panda
Duncan Throw Monkey

Getting Dark Magic

YoyoFactory FAST 201
Audley Sonic Dragon
I just got YoyoJam Speeder!!! ;D

Yeah, I kind of wish I didn’t but some of those yo-yos now, because I want an M1. :stuck_out_tongue:

2 raiders
2 patrick mitchell autographed raiders
2 saber raiders
2 dark magics
1 aquarius
3 brains
4 legacy’s
1 hitman
2 sunset trajectory’s
and a hitman, speeder, xconvict and lyn fury on the way

Same, i would trade alomost all my yo’s (not g5) for like an m1 or axiom.

How do you get so many Dms?

who are you talking to

my collection:

Yoyojam mini motu

yoyofactory PGM

yoyofactory 888 stealth edition

Yoyofactory G5

My collection:

Yoyofactory FAST 201
Duncan Speedbeetle
Duncan Freehand
Yoyojam Kickside
Duncan Metalzero
Yoyojam Sunset Trajecority NGX
Yoyojam Mini-Motu
Yoyofactory Plastic Grind Machine
Yoyojam Dark Magic
Yoyojam X-convict
Yoyojam Axiom
Duncan Hayabusa SL

Happy Throwing! =]

2 novelty yo-yos from John’s Incredible Pizza for 2A

2 Grey Fox by Auldey

YYJ Speed Maker

YYJ Legacy

Duncan Imperial

Click Here for the full res version:

Modded YoYoJam Kickside
YoYoJam Legacy
YoYoJam Legacy
YoYoJam Dark Magic
One-Drop M1
Hopefully I trade this for a Skyline: YoYoFactory Green G5