what is the worst yoyo you've ever had?

Mine is a metal classic type yoyo from a fast food restaurant.

Mini imperial… Tiny, and doesn’t not respond with cotton or thick string haha! I love full sized imperials and butterflys though :slight_smile:

magicyoyo n8, I own several magicyoyo’s and they’re mostly pretty good for thir price, but the n8 just doesn’t play well at all IMO.

A pro-z it was horrible also the butterfly was pretty bad for me I threw it 10 times and then it broke


It’s very hard to name a legitimately /bad/ yoyo that can’t be made functional and entertaining with a change in technique and attitude. However, the exception is incredibly cheap promotional yoyos that might as well not be intended for play.

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an imperial that looked like a tire from the dollar store

I like my mini Imp. I use poly string on mine.

FAST 201.

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I’m going to agree with Pat on this one. I’ve been disappointed, initially , with certain yo yos but after that it’s more of my attitude and ability. Everyone likes to discuss the limitations of yoyos,which is interesting since the greatest limitations reside within the thrower and not the yo, IMO.

Yoyofactory popstar

Super heavy, way too small, no stability. It was just bad in every way

The only yoyo I actually will never own again is a Yomega Xodus 1 or 2. Terrible for 1a, bad for 4a, just bad for all A’s!!


Yelets. I liked it at first, but 2 days and 1 ding later I regretted spending $100 for it.

Did not care for the original Bear vs Man that I owned. Loved the look of my Shark vs Zombie Beaver but it had a pulsating vibe that made it unenjoyable to play and my tuning efforts were in vain.

Shutter, If we are talking about quality made yoyos anyhow.
Otherwise I guess it would be one of the ya-ru super yoyos. you can get them at most retail stores for like 1$ they are terrible.

Every yoyo is good, just takes preferences to make it great. Certain yoyo’s are better for the price than others. Is the yelts worth $80? Is the dazzler worth the $500 price tag? I can get a pretty good combo on a $10 dollar magic yoyo than what I can on a chief.

The only yoyos I feel that are not “worth” the buy is my personal opinion. The only yoyo I ever played that was pretty bad was the dollar tree one, but it’s a buck. Can’t expect that much from it…

Like he said ^, but it is only $1 so for the price it is pretty amazing.

sure, it was a token gone wrong, but It wasn’t the worst in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah people used to say that it was so heavy and unstable that it made you better because if you could master that yoyo you could master any.

Yyr diffusion.