What's your relationship with your most valuable yoyo?



I think my most valuable throw might be my Tom Kuhn SB 1(just a guess). I throw it a few times a week. It doesn’t do modern responsive stuff as well as most other fixie’s, but it’s suuuper smooth and it almost spins like it has a bearing. I like to practice 1A with it. Very fun and unique to play with!


thank you very much, then I had seen well!
it’s the same process to make the Peak signature of Adam Brewster, this:

(or even “meteorite” models I think)

Practically the rubber cement is splattered on the raw yoyo, then the blasting treatment is done so that the splatters remain smooth and the rest micro-shot-blasted, then the anodizing process with one or more colors is carried out.
Was this acid green a standard color or was it made later by someone?
If it is standard it must be very rare because I had never seen it!


Got this speeder at my first yoyo context back in 2006 and still love it.


Nice description of the process for this ano. I love the monochrome look and wish there was more ano like this.

It’s the original color. Other than the signature versions, for the 3rd run Peak there were three “acid splash” colorways in green, purple, and orange.

Indeed, they seem pretty rare. I used to have a purple one, and I also owned a different green one before, but I’ve never seen the orange version for sale secondhand.


Mine is a B Grade TiVayder, I play it like a fiddle with no regard for it’s safety. It’s still as amazing as the day I got it. I grab it before anything else, and I am always satisfied the most by it.



There’s this and a prepro Battosai. The Diffraction might be more valuable at this point. 1 of 11 that will ever be made, good luck getting someone else to sell.

I play this thing a lot, it doesn’t stay in a case, but I also don’t bring it out of the house.


My most valuable is a yoyofactory Edge that doesn’t perform as well as my yoyofactory Marco but they still both get quite a bit of use. $100 $60 respectively.


Just sold it. Traded the one before it. Trading my next two now


IfI May be so bold to all, who’s watch was it? Father’s watch? Grandfather’s watch? Brother? Lover? Who is the him, as in reminds me of the time shared with him? Or is the merely the watch? If you prefer not to answer, that’s fine. You just piqued my interest about the story behind your watch. :mask:


I think his auto translator may have turned ‘it’ to ‘him’ and made that sound a LOT more dramatic than it actually was, lol.


It sounded almost poetic, hence my piqued curiosity. ;]


That’s Persson for you☺

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Of course you can!
The others guessed, “him” is the watch itself.
I was referring to the time of my life that marked while it was on my wrist … time so that we lived together.
Curiously, all of this has changed since yoyo came to my life many years ago.
A cohabitation too dangerous for objects that I love! :sweat_smile:

(you can see the scratches)

I gave myself this watch, buying it new, in 2004 … this specific model with 40 mm case had been presented only two months before at the Basel international fair (BaselWorld) and this specimen was one of the first to arrive in Italy …
I had the opportunity to personally open the box, how it was closed at Le Locle, by the quality control officer and how it was delivered by the valuables carrier to the official dealer.


the first picture looks like a face. :joy:


Many say it and honestly this watch has a very questionable aesthetic …
The fact, however, is that for a mechanical watch enthusiast, to be able to see the heart of the movement that beats 36,000 alternation / hour, then counts the tenth of a second (to do this it has a particular dry lubrication with molybdenum disulfide powder) is something that goes beyond simple aesthetics. :wink:


Personally its my Mint 7075 Saskatoon Berry Chief that is 1/15. I bet only a few left that are mint.

I got a 7075 Hulk Smash Chief and it played horrible I think I got a bad batch but also have heard the Hulk Smash 7075s have quite a bit of noticible vibe.

I think I paid $120 had a couple marks, saw mint 7075 Hulk went for $170 recently mint good for him!

So I saw a Saskatoon Blizzard Chief totally mint and happened to have the Fire Swirl Bonfire he listed #1 in his wants, at first he laughed but 3 days later straight traded me.

Its dead smooth lives up to my expectations but I wabt to keep mint incase an awesome offer comes around.

Which it might have, someone offered me 3 CLYWs for it, asking about condition if they have a mark here and there I’ll prob get rid of my precious gem! I know I wont get one again either!

I just told myself before reading the offer I would trade for 3 clyws or 2 black bip bop clyws or a Draupnir and a CLYW.

I honestly value this yoyo at $300-350 because everyone wants 7075 Cheifs and these play like they should unlike Hulk Smashes or so I heard. Also 15 made.

Who knows he might be messing around but I’ll take the trade if condition is pretty good bc I’ll prob trade 1 or 2 when I get bored. Hahah


Relationship with my favorite yoyo? Well, I have it wrapped around my finger of course. It loves me so much that when I throw it at the ground it returns to my hand.


I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to collect some very nice throws…and I play them and love them.
As far as my most valuable for personal reasons…it’ll only ever be for display (a green/orange Deep State I had put together in memory of my mom).


My DNA. It was gold, but now it is so faded on the gap that it is pale yellow. I find it utterly unremarkable in every aspect, which let’s me focus on the pictures I want to paint with my trick.

I have a Biology degree, and the double helix loop ends design spelling out the model of the yo-yo is quaint.