Yoyos that are more about the having, than the using?

I feel yoyos like the canvas, that one TI by antiyo that the name of escapes me, just stuff that is more about owning one, than using one. What do Guys think

Not sure if I get what you mean but…

Peak, C22

If it ain’t worth playing/using, it ain’t worth owning.

Some may not get played as often, but everything in my yoyo collection has been thrown, enjoyed and shared with others.



I personally keep my collection small. I don’t think I’m as much a collector as an enthusiast. Everything I have I play, except for a mint markmont.next I bought to have mint as I play the one that has roadrash.

Ti Walker, Ti, Ti5, Peak, C22, any YYR or TP.

I disagree, I love my canvas( it truly lives up to what the LSFC portayed it as, watching those videos gave me an idea of how it would play and it lived up to that, and it is my smoothest yoyo in my collection by far.) and many throws that I’ve got, the only yoyo that I truly have just to have is my white stargrade addict, but it can still play a killing.

also the antiyo titanium is called the BSP.

most yoyos don’t need to be a competish shape, such as my addictions, they have a near perfect weight and shape to be an amazing all around 1A yoyo.

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yaeh play with everything. out all my peaks the one that has been seeing more play time is my 1st run 28s.
I usually take 1 different yoyo to work with me, to give an idea monday was bape2 yesterday I brought my (new) imperial (hating the metal axle) and today it’s FHZ friday so :slight_smile:

Seeing the Peak mentioned multiple times in this thread is silly. If you own a first run Peak and it sits, you should probably stop it.

freehand mg and catch 22 just collectors items

I’d be interested to know how many of the people mentioning yoyos that go for $400+ have actually played the yoyos they are talking about and aren’t just spouting out the most expensive they can think of. MG, Peak, Catch 22, probably three of the most fun yoyos I’ve ever come across.
I don’t have much experience with Titanium, but I feel like owning one is pointless unless you’re planning on playing it, as with any yoyo. Titanium yoyos exist because they are built to be tough as nails, and PLAY differently(“better”)due to the incredible weight distribution that can be used with that material as opposed to aluminum.

There’s not a yoyo I wouldn’t use :stuck_out_tongue:

Why get a yoyo and not use it?

Even if you don’t want to damage it just be careful and play it over carpet.

I wouldn’t say that I own a yoyo I wouldn’t use but there are definitely a select few I tend to grab first/repeatedly and others I consider a special reward to use probably when I’m having a particularly bad or good day. I would definitely say I also only have a small group I would carry around outside of the house. It’s not so much about collecting as it is I’m a fair klutz.

YoYos for me is having…to use them then go on to next. YoYos play differently then the next one. I like to experience all throws. I said it before in another thread. Having only one YoYo is like only watching one movie…ever. Besides, don’t you have to have more then one to make a comparison? Otherwise how would you know what your preference is? So for me, YoYos is about having… The next throw… To throw.

That also includes less pricy ones too. I bought the Duncan butterfly LT. But for the most part, the new ones are more expensive like the Ti.(which unfortunately I didn’t have the money for at the time and have still yet got to throw a titanium)

You have a first run 28s? That is my DREAM yoyo. lol

it’s one of my faves, I play with it almost all the time.

My SPYY Pure Gold is my most “collector” yoyo but I still pull it out of its box and pillow and play with it. Clearly if Jon Rob could 5A the thing all over NYC it deserves to be played.

The smile train Dietz is the only Yoyo I ever bought strictly to sit on a shelf and look pretty. Threw it once to see what it looks like spinning.

I am not saying buying yoyos not to use them, I’m just talking about yoyos that are more of a status thing than I playing thing. Obviously you guys don’t get what I mean.