How should I convince my parents that metal yoyos are worth it?

So I have a yyj journey and I want to upgrade eventually to an all metal yoyo. When I told my parents this, they said that $50+ yoyos are overpriced and that my jouney is just as good. How can I explain to them that they are worth it?

You don’t have to buy a $50+ yoyo if you aren’t able to. Protostar is a phenomenal substitute, and you should be able to find something from the FundaMetal line for right around fifty. And really, the Journey is a great yoyo and will get you a long way.

If you’re set on spending more than the fifty dollars they set as a limit, show them you’re serious about it! Never let them see you without a yoyo, go to as many contests as you can, and when you learn a new trick, show it to them and be super excited about it.

The best thing you can do is get increasing expensive until you get high enuff i would say try and get a protostar and go up from there. good luck :slight_smile:

You don’t tell them to buy you a yoyo, you let THEM buy you a yoyo.

But dude… you don’t need a metal…
There’s a lot of really cheap yoyos that are really good. Like Lyn Fury, Protostar, etc.

But if you really want a metal…
RecRev No. 9!!! I think it’s like $40, but it plays like dream…
There’s a lot of metals that are below $50, so yeah.

yeah I practice everyday with my journey but I live in Claremont, CA (San Gabrial Valley) and as far as I know, there are no near yoyo contests without having to drive an hour and my dad wouldn’t want to do that :frowning:

yeah I practice everyday with my journey but I live in Claremont, CA (San Gabrial Valley) and as far as I know, there are no near yoyo contests without having to drive an hour and my dad wouldn’t want to do that :frowning:

why are your favorite yoyos 888 or G5?

but to help you, just get progresivly more expensive. Also, when my parents asked how one yoyo is better than the other, i just made up a whole bunch of false stuff. “this is more airodynamic so the speed at which it goes around the string increases and it also spins longer.” it turned out that that ended up being true, but there were other things

The reason it says that my two favorite yoyos are the 888 and G5 is because at the time I signed up, those were the yoyos I eventually wanted to own lol I should change that

Buy a protostar tell them that it has a special bearing the centers the string, wich it true.

ok you dont need a metal… but you would like it a LOT more. this in MY opinion. when i changed i had the best time. i agree with prostar is the best plastic if you cant. dark magic is under 50 and thats a great yoyo… way to big for my taste but i started on it and i modded it and still like it. i would just shoot for a birthday or christmas/whatever. or get a job and save up for the dv888. its the best bang for your buck and i dont think anyone would disagree for a full metal yoyo. my best advice is get really good and they will see your passion and help you out best they can. i would say show them this post but it seems too many people are telling you to get plastics…

Is it your own money your spending? If it is, then you don’t really have a great arguemant. But theres still got too be a way to convince them. Look at it this way, do your parents have a nice car? one that costs more than $10,000 pehaps? why this is perposturous! why would they do that when they can get the job done with a cheaper car? And if that doesn’t work it wrote a short shool paper on the matter ( i can pm it too you), it’s not great but it’s there.

False. Protostar is far more cost effective than the Dv888, playing at or above the level of the Dv888 for $30 less. Believe me, this is coming from someone who played metals exclusively for almost a year and was immediately blown away by the Protostar. If you aren’t worried about grinding for now and you absolutely got new throw mania, go for the Protostar if price is that big of a deal to them.

Do you have a way to earn your own spending money, that your parents would allow you to use?

When my oldest son wants something that I’m not willing to buy him, he saves his allowance, and does extra tasks for us at home, or for his grandparents (and other friends and family members) for extra cash.

For example, we go to the book store every week. If he wants a novel, I’ll pay for it. If he wants Manga (or something similar) he has to pay out of his pocket.

I would say, go for a duncan freehand. At 15 dollars, its well within your price range. It comes responsive out of the box, but when the bearing is cleaned, it is DEAD unresponsive. I’m not kidding. i can do everything on the Freehand that i can do on my Dv888. I dont think you’ll get a better throw for the price.

Ever since I got my parents to buy me a ProtoStar off YYE, I’ve been buying my own yo-yos.
So far I used my own money to get a Duncan Freehand 2 from Toys R Us, and I have a PGM coming in the mail today with angel hair string from another online yo-yo store.

ProtoStars are amazing and a great substitute for metals. You don’t need an 888 or a G5 to be better. It’s not about the yo-yo but how you use it.

If you’re really focused on getting an 888 or G5, you can’t go wrong getting a better but cheaper yo-yo under $50 and then building up your skills. Once your parents realize how much of a hobby yo-yoing becomes for you and how much better you have gotten, they will probably help you buy a metal yo-yo.

Don’t worry about it man. Plastics are just as good, but if you really want a metal then I recommending saving up. If you want specifically a YYF metal then like everyone says go for a fundemetal. We recommend on don’t burn a hole in your wallet for like an 888. Buy a PGM or a Protostar, the total of them together is less than an 888 or G5 but they play just as good if not even better. (Ask Jensen, he won BAC with a plastic while everyone else was throwing metals.)

Like everyone says, show your parents it’s not just a hobby but a passion. A higher cost doesn’t always mean better. If you don’t care and just want a metal then get maybe the Zen or an Auldey Metal. These two actually play nice and each are about 40-45.

You dont need a g5/888 to be good but if you really want one get a b grade from a contest or online (but you have to be fast they sold out in like 5 mins) btw i had a journey and upgraded to a protostar and its amazing :slight_smile:

Oh wait, you live in Claremont, so BLC is basically like 50 minutes away from your house!

It’s your chance to buy b-grades and cheaper yoyos…

I agree with the people saying that the Protostar is a great choice. But if you REALLY want a G5 or 888, go on the BST’s I got a Prison Break Edition G5 for 40 bucks shipped. It had a few scuffs but plays like a dream, I also got a Stealth 888 for 50 shipped. I don’t think I’ve payed full price for a yoyo in six months ;D

The Legacy is a very good plastic… At 20 dollars you cant go wrong…

Then theres the Die-Nasty, Velocity, Lyn Fury, and FHZ… All great yoyos, capable of modern unresponsive play at under $25