How should I convince my parents that metal yoyos are worth it?


do you mean letters if not i think this is what you meant :smiley:
Oodles of
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Lol nine words. He abbreviated them so technically they’re words. :stuck_out_tongue:

These people know what they’re talking about.

if nothing else, check the B/S/T forum. a lot of people sell metals cheap ;D

Is Yoyofactory going to be selling b-grade yoyos there? I was planning on going there anyway!

I’m not sure, but there will be a lot of companies selling b-grades. Look for the RecRev No.9! Or the Crucial stuff.

Sweet! I hope they are pretty cheap

okay when my mom set a 40 dollar limmit on a yoyo i explained that the more expensive yoyos are the ones that help you progress and that i would need them to get good.i used my duncan mosquito for a couple weeks and the string brock so i made my own and just had a gravity pull.i would never let her see me not throw so she would see how much i love it. i explained that the shapes and the yoyos help you perform better and yadda yadda

My parents are sort of similar. They wouldn’t let me buy a Protostar because when they asked me what made it better than my other yoyos… I had no answer…

Well if you have your own money then there should be no reason except for credit cards and that is a different matter. If you want them to help you buy a yo or just get you one then you should go to some contests to show them how many people own them and get a pro to explain to them why metal yos are worth the price. Explaining to them that the items they have are worthless cmpared to he price they payed won’t work even though it may be very true.

Since the protostar has a CT bearing tell them that its a wonderful bearing, that spins alot,comes cleaned, centers he string, and describe it as if the yoyo has metal rims that facilitate tricks and describe it as if it wear the best, yoyo in the world.

get one used so it will be cheaper or add your yoyo in for a trade or buy a bunch of cheap ones and trade them :stuck_out_tongue:

As another “parent” I do much the same. I also will say no sometimes when it is my daughters money. Now in the second case it depends on whether I think my daughter is being a smart shopper or not.

To the OP. First you need to play by your parents rules. Something it seems that you already know. Second I would learn a lot more about yoyos in general and get to the point where you can do as much as your current throw allows. Get to where you have outgrown it, and show your parents what you can do. Then at that point you should also know enough about what yoyos are available to explain why getting the new yoyo of your choice makes sense.

other thoughts…

two less expensive yoyos can cost as much as one nicer yoyo.

If you don’t like a toy you wont play with it…

Most important to parents is that they are not wasting money…I had a 45 minute discussion about Pokemon cards in Toys r Us today with my daughter all over 15 bucks. Prove that it’s not a passing fad and you have an advantage. Then prove it again by using money you earned.

As said many times before, just prove that you are serious about your new hobby, and that the money won’t be wasted.

The B/S/T section also has some very good deals.

get a job its easier. ;D

$50+ yoyos are overpriced and the journey is just as good ;D

Personally, I figured just stealing credit cards works great.

Not that you should do that.

I would look for a deal on BSTs.
Protostar looks like a great choice.

If someone’s buying a FH, that person has to order silicone stickers with it or you have a dead yoyo the next day.

Why is it worth it to your parents to spend $50+ on a yo-yo for you?

Off topic ish rant >_>

I have no clue how to articulate anything anywhere near convincing or persuasive.
Everyone else is largely illogical ???

Don’t understand why parents people complain about a few cents here and there.
" A dollar is a lot of money"

When you’re looking at $1000+/month just for rent.
mortgage, house, car payments, health insurance, car, gas, auto insurance, utility, luxuries (phones, media) etc. 5 kids.

Meds cost $10+ per pill.

It costs thousands of dollars per day to stay in a hospital.

Some kid got his face smashed in fight with no insurance and his dad ended up with a $21,000 hospital bill.

Couple years ago, I had my brother buy an iPod with money I had saved from like the past 6 years of new years saying it was a waste of money.
Then he comes up with the bright idea of buying a brand new car.
Well that car lost like 30% value the next year, another year, worth half as much.

Resell the car? That’s $20,000 for having the car for 2 years.

I just got a metal yoyo cause I wanted on. I’m stilling playing with a sili recessed fh2. I can do the same amount tricks on the fh2.

if u can pay $35 u can buy a good metal. i bought an axiom for that price on the b/s/t

i meant for an all metal i thought it was the best deal.

You aint got to convince anything. Just show them your skills. Then they will see how dedicated you are and hook you up.