Anyone else's family hate yoyos?

My dad doesn’t usually mind it
My mom doesn’t like it
My sister hates it
Anyone out of immediate family either likes it a lot or loves it

That’s a real man boys and girls. My wifes the same way studio42.

My parents dislike anything I start to “obsess” over whether it be video games or yoyo or the internet. I mean my dad took a nap during the socal yoyo contest…

that’s my parents right there.

Mom hate the noise, dad says I waste all my money, both say it’s the cause of my one F in school (not true)

My Family is supportive of it.

Had a friend who’s family was really against it.
He came home one day and his parents had thrown his entire yoyo collection away, as in out of the house so he couldnt find them.
The collection included some CLYW and yyf stuff. And the parents reasoning? They said it was time for him to grow up and not play with kids toys anymore.
On top of that, they banned him from going to our yoyo meetings and yoyo events of any kind, as well as banning him from any yoyo forum or online community as such.

It was sad for me cause he was getting pretty decent at it, and I never heard from him again cause his parents pretty much banned him from having any contact with me.

He had a pretty strict family though, stereotypical asian parents wanting their kids to become doctors and lawyers type stuff.

Yeah some families are not super supportive, but I say be thankful you can even yoyo and keep your yoyos at all.

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The monstrosity of those tiger moms!

That must suck real bad. And from what I can tell his collection contained expensive throws. Man, Asian parents can sometimes go off the top. Glad my parents aren’t like that at least. Not meaning to invade his identity, but is this pretty recent or this happened years ago [so I don’t know who this person might have been]?

As for me, my family doesn’t hate yoyos, but my little brothers just don’t like it when I throw in public. They think it’s embarassing or some crap like that. Like…what’s the problem with throwing in public? I’ve never actually been criticized negatively when I throw in public, so I don’t get why there’s an issue.

…abit offtopic, but when I threw in a casino [I was broke and I don’t spend my money on those petty games] to kill time, some drunk jerk was like “Nice skills, but that won’t get you laid.”
…Really? -________-


Without an OUTLET of expression or release or unwind, it just turns into a potentially miserable life. Money does in fact NOT buy happiness. It can rent it for a bit.

Similarly, I used to make decent dollar doing sound until I decided to go at it on my own. It’s been tough, but it’s been joy for me. The money sucks. But, I can choose what to charge or NOT charge, letting people make their events happen. Doing stuff for money leaves me empty. I mean, I have to get paid, it’s hard work, but what’s the point of just showing up, doing a job and then walking away with a fistful of money? I need to be able to take more away from a gig than just a paycheck. There’s no joy in that for me.

Take CalStates. I won’t discuss what I was paid. I was essentially doing it for free. I had a great time and I can’t wait to do it next year. I’m looking to do BAC for as cheap as possible to help them, and I WILL do BAC(yeah, you reading this? it’s not an option, I got the gig, we’ll arrange the details later!).

I guess since I’m not money oriented or driven, it gives me a distinct advantage. I am able to pursue my passion on MY terms and let others take advantage of thigns they never knew they could have.

So, my kids support my yoyo. All but the 1 year old are playing with yoyos. My wife likes that the kids play with yoyos. She does not appreciate that I do. However, CalStates changed a lot of that. She was there. While she didn’t enjoy the yoyo as we all do, she felt the environment was MUCH better than that of say, SacAnime.

A key difference:
I’m not really into anime, but I was watching some stuff here and there. After doing SacAnime one time,I was pretty much “that’s it, I’m done with anime”, and for the most part I have been. I watched Bleach for a bit since the character lead’s voice actor was someone I was going to work with. After that SacAnime(it’s a twice a year gig), I stopped again. I haven’t gone back. While the convention loves me, I am very much disconnected from it. If it wasn’t for the band performances, I’d just assume skip it all together.
After CalStates, I can see more about how much I suck, which is fine. But, here’s the key difference: I felt a part of the whole thing and I also want to work harder to improve my skills. The community has welcomed me in, clearly wants me in it and likewise, I want to be in it.

What we need are more parents who can beyond the surface and understand the whole. Parents were kids once. Maybe I’m not a good example. I’m a parent. I’m married. Yet, everything I do is play. My work is play. My play is play. I enjoy what I do. I’d like to do a LOT more of it. As long as my kids aren’t involved in destructive and/or negative behavior, I’m down with it. At least I’ve given them yoyo as an option!

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That’s…EXACTLY what happened to me. And yes, I’m Asian. Fortunately though, I managed to hide 4 of my good yo-yos from my mom :wink:

And I thought my parents were bad with the whole asian stereotype thing…

I’m also Asian, but my parents know what’ll I’ll do if they touch my yoyos without good reasoning :wink:

Ummm, what would they do?

Ya my wife doesn’t really get it. She couldn’t care less if i learn a new trick and want to show it to her, so I stopped trying to. She doesn’t mind the money so much, but she hates anything i do without her. When i was growing up my family was supportive, and I had a lot of different hobbies.

and ya, it doesn’t matter if she sees this, besides i can sleep pretty well on the couch.

My wife hates it too. Good thing I have two kids that are great yoyoers I can throw with!

Precisely why I have my kids throwing. Well, we all suck right now, but at least it’s 4 against 1(and the 1 year old keeps trying to throw a yoyo, so maybe that’s 4.5 against 1?).

Once people realize life is to short to be hating stuff, people tend to mellow out a bit.

My wife doesn’t like the fact she can’t participate in the stuff I do, but when given a chance, she sabotages it, so I have to exclude her. I’ve offered to buy her a yoyo and teach her, but she’s refusing. Whatever. I have plenty, I’m sure at some point she’ll grab one and try because she’s gonna get sick of being left out. Soon, with 4 kids throwing and their father(me) at the park, she’s either gonna have to join in or sit on the sidelines.

That’s some wise talk there. Kids, this is why you should respect your elders.

Because we have money and we’ll buy you yo-yo’s!

Man, I wish I had siblings who threw. Or even my parents.
A great friend of mine, who got me into yoyoing and who my parents like a lot, is a great thrower. And even though my mom hates my obsession with it and my dad hates the cost, they still love watching us having a good time.

well no one in my family hate yoyo but… my dad get sick when he saw me do some tricks
and my mom hate the sound of the yoyo anyway they still let me play but play some where
they cant see or hear. ;D ;D