Yoyo summer school


Hello all, I am new to this forum, but not forums in general. I have just recently gotten into the hobby. I played with some older yoyos in middle school, but have just recently been inspired to start again. I got started by messing around at school in front of my students they loved it and a new obsession was started for me.

You see. I work at a private school specializing in teaching students with behavioral issues. It can be a tough job and you tend to gravitate to anything that draws in the attention of your students. Long story short. They loved the yoyos and worked hard on having good behavior to get an opportunity to yoyo.

So, when summer school time rolled around I asked my principal if I would be allowed to teach a class on yoyos, their history, scientific properties, and most importantly how to use them. To my surprise she said yes and I will soon be recieving a mass shipment of yoyos and teaching materials to get started.

I just wanted to share my story with the yoyo community.

Thanks for reading if you Hung in there.




Just out of curiosity, what yoyos did you get?


Whaaaaaaaahhhhhhht?!?!? Can I come?!? This is awesome!

PS there are many posts four times as long as this. Don’t worry about long paragraphs and details. In fact, if you bark or howl a few times, a tamed and very friendly wolf named Haru will come write a 94 page novel on the arts of the yoyo. They’re pretty good, you should ask for one.

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Great story ,make sure to keep me updated with how everything goes ;D


What state r u in


Your post is very inspiring. Please let the community here know of any support we can lend. You will find a wealth of experience and skill here from talented people very anxious to share and answer any questions they may help you with.

We hope this proves to be an very enjoyable as well as educational experience for you and your students!


That’s awesome! I hope you have much progress!


Yoyo schoolis a school I want to go too :smiley:


Man there need to be more things like this in other school


Thanks for all of the support guys. I am located in the northwestern pa area. One of you asked if you could do anything to help out. If you could point me in the direction of someone in my general area that would be interested in doing an exhibition for my school during our session that would be amazing. As far as the yoyos. I got the Duncan teaching kit, (I know they are cheap yoyos, but you have to start somewhere. I got a bunch of yyj classics, and 2 griffin wings, 2 shinwoo loops, 1 whip, and 1 yyj trigger. I figured over the 18 days most students will progress past the duncans and on to the classics. They can then use counter weights if they choose, and I got the griffen wings and loops as primarily demonstration tools. Hopefully I will have 1 or 2 students whose skills progress to this level. The whip and trigger will be for the quicker learners as well.

I know I mumbled through this, but you all get the idea.


And unfortunately none of you can attend yoyo summer school. I would love to teach you my limited skill set, but I don’t think my boss would ever go for it. ;D


Just sent you a message, maybe we can work something out.



That’s sweet dude! It’s cool that you’re spreading the hobby man! Although, maybe if this can go into next year, you should bring in some 4A and 2A throws, that way there is diversity, and the kids will stay interested. If you need a teen’s perspective on any idea, I’d be glad to help!


Great! Just what we need! Someone making more competition for us! SHAME ON YE! Lol, kidding. I think this is a great idea and I hope this can become bigger one day! Good luck man! This is a wonderful
Thing that you’re doing.


haha, this is just awesome! all my friends want to yoyo with me, and now A WHOLE CLASS WITH YOU! As I always say, It Only Gets Better :slight_smile:


Getting the ball rolling for a ton of newcomers. great cause and best of luck in your teaching!


Sounds like a good way to give troubled kids a hobby. Hobbies can change lives!


Thanks again for all of the kind words. The yoyos for summer school arrived today and the kids were pumped. I am just happy to be providing these students with a hobby that they could get into cheaply. Before anyone says yoyos are expensive let me put it into perspective. My students all play video games. $300 for a game system, and $50 a game. A reasonably decent yoyo that is a step above their classics they will be using is in the $30-$100 range. This is only a game or 2. I really hope this takes off and goes well. I hope I am providing them with a skill that will last throughout their lives.

Thanks for listening to my rant,



it’s also not a rant it’s information we all would love to hear:) the more the merrier