The That Feel Thread - Merged

That feel when you do something awesome, but can never figure out how to do it again.

That feel when you snap start the yoyo when there’s a slippery string (Dragon, I’m looking at you) on and the knot loosens then the yoyo comes off your finger and gets dinged on the floor…

That feel when you land a new trick first or second try but then fail the next fifty tries.

That feel when you open a YYE package. LOVE <3 OPENING PACKAGES!!!

That feel when you refresh the General section after half an hour, and it’s still crap.


That feel when you connected the string to your offstring and you throw it up.

That feel when you bind and it catches to hard and your slipknot tightens really tight on your finger.

That feel when you keep trying to hit a basic front bind and the string keeps slipping

That feel when your Completely unresponsive yoyo decides to become responsive for ONE throw and it returns at the worst moment possible moment and gives you a bruise on your face. >:(

That feeling when you try to complete a transaction on a clyw with the color way you wanted, and turns out to be sold out even though you saw it in stock!

That feel when the bullet leaves the gun and goes through your foot.

That feel when you are in traffic trying to get to the hospital.

That feel when all you want to do in traffic is throw that new combo you’re thinking of.

That feel when you realize that you dont have a good yoyo anymore cause that girl played you for it and took it.

lol You guys go through the same things I do… Didn’t respect all these good reply’s.

That feel when you are leaning on your truck and you snap start and the yoyo desides to come back and leave a tiny dent in your fender… Good thing its an old truck, and no one will ever notice… lol

That feel when you can feel your yoyo on your hip in your pocket everywhere you go.
That feel when you realize you left your favorite yoyo at home.
That feel when your yoyo falls onto the floor and makes an awful crashing noise.
That feel when just touching your yoyo is a comfort.

That feel when you get some awesome video, and it all gets corrupted.

That feel when you do boing-e-boing like once and you thought you learned it.

That feel when you actually learn boing-e-boing, after a long fought war of frustration, depression, and tears.

That feel when you get bad string burn from doing boing-e-boing for 4 hours straight to burn the muscle memory into your brain.

That feel when you bust out boing-e-boing like a BOSS PLAYER.

That feel when you see a really attractive girl looking at you the way you’re looking at her.
That feel when your mom needs to go to the hospital because she just cut her finger.
That feel when you successfully flash a new rom on your phone without bricking it.
That feel when you’re riding your fixie on the lane-line in really heavy traffic.
That feel you feel when you get back from a century-bike ride. (100 miles)

That feel when you want to yoyo through your tiredness, but you keep missing tricks and forgetting elements.