Nothing like the feeling of a new string...

I love replacing strings because the felling of a new string is amazing. It’s not frizzy and has little friction, and it just fells awesome. Too bad it only lasts for a very short amount of time…


Agreed. It also makes the yoyo play much better IMO. When strings get ratty and things quit working the way they should, throwing on a new string makes a huge difference.

Funny, I like the feeling of a string right /after/ it’s new. That feeling lasts longer, too!

I used to be obsessed with that new string feeling. Changed strings like every hour. I’m kinda over it now, though I play much better on a fresh string. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I find string plays and feels better after an hour of play. If you’re tossing string out after 30mins, I’ll be happy to take them off your hands for you :slight_smile:

I like the feel of a new string, but most of my yoyos have a rather well broken in string on them.

I don’t know. Fresh 100% poly kinda rubs me kinda rough. After it’s played for a while, it feels pretty good. I do try to make sure I’m not playing the string too long, but when I swap them out they are well worn. I do tend to rotate yoyos pretty often though, so I’m still getting at least 2 hours of play out a string, but it make take me a week or longer to get those 2 hours. I think I’m probably getting more time than that.

I hate the feeling of new string. I like my string to be smooth and frictionless.

I like rough string. IDK, I’m weird.

same here. The string I make keeps the individual ridges for a very long time and as a very long life. Ill bring you some on Sunday. Do you have any color requests? I just started making a rainbow twisted string and it looks pretty awesome.

I like the string as soon as it is broken in, the feeling when it’s new is weird and I get sting burn easier with it.

I love the feeling of new string but I’ll wait till it’s absolutely dead before I switch it. Most of the time it’s when the tension won’t hold well anymore and just throwing the YoYo twists it to junk.

I really like the feeling of a brand new string. I will usually use the string until it won’t hold tension anymore, but the feeling of a brand new string is the best.

I love new string, but I try to milk as much life out of them as possible.

Lol, sounds a lot like my strings.

I like string a little broken in. I find brand new sting doesnt hold tension as well as it does after like an hour of play. Plus after a while it gets all soft and comfortable :slight_smile: The only thing i really really love new string for is the look. If i have a new yoyo ill keep the strings on it cuz i like looking at it :slight_smile:

Yep, me too.

if theres new car smell theres new string feeling :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Nice lol

I am still experimenting with different types to find my perfect string, but BY FAR the best string I have tried to date is the Mondo Hybrids, they are thin which I like and also feel more “solid” while at the same time flexible, sounds weird but I like them, they play for a really long time too…

I don’t have the money for fancy strings. :frowning: I use YYE strings, and they suit me fine.