How do I keep that 'new' yoyo string feel?


I’ve been useing 100% poly and after about 10 minutes of play it loses that ‘new’ string feel. It’s actually kinda of uncomfortable to play with. Are there any different strings that hold up better?


Get some BNC strings from gstrings :wink:


Polyester seems to do that I make my own strings and mix in some nylon with the polyester and it holds tension and that “new string feeling” really nice.


I use Kitty String or Snake Bite string and I’ve noticed the new feeling lasts longer than a lot of cheapier poly string I’ve used. Gloves help too from my experience, but some people don’t like the feeling of their fingers covered.


How do you keep the new yoyo string feel?
Get new string.

All non-funny jokes aside, I tried handwashing my strings to give it higher lifetime… but sometimes the best way to keep the new string feel is to get new string.


Grauo strings. Pretty expensive but I’ve played it for two days and haven’t noticed an ‘‘old string’’ feel. Plus they are washable. And by expensive I mean $2.50 a string. :slight_smile:

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Replace your string every ten minutes? The sad truth is things get worn out and your just going to have to deal with it.

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the timeless string lasts forever, its so good I have had the same one for a week and its still feels new