Worn out string

What are the drawbacks of playing with worn out string? Possible breakage of
course. Is it harder to bind? Thanks in advance.

edit : I use fat nylon

Discoloration. I think it makes the string not hold tension as well (could be wrong).

Binds slippier

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Tension, thanks guys.

No problem!

I always get knots because
The loop connected to the yoyo get to big I also hate string that is bit bright and vibrant

It is thinner, more twisty, and less slick and puffy.

My tension problems are over!!

Using a new string helped a lot I assume? :wink:


They just suck, words can’t even describe it.

Once a string gets grimy when im playing w/out gloves it starts to drag on my hands more, get snagged more often, and even when there is no string tension the string loses its consistent whippiness thats good for things like a brent stole, so i find myself using fresh string just when i want to freshen the experience

It dampens the fun of yoyoing. If you have trouble keeping neutral string tension, the string is the issue. Change them when they no longer play as well as when they were new.

Yoyoing with worn out string is like eating a chocolate chip cookie without chocolate chips. The experience just isn’t what it should be. :’(

Don’t know. I use nylon exclusively, and it’s actually pretty tough to wear them out. When they get grimy, I just pop them into a pants pocket and wash the pants.

Well; there is an upside to using worn out strings. Think of it this way> If you use the same string for a ‘week’(you throw 7 days a week; all day long); you save about 10 cents a week. Now if you throw 52 weeks a year; you save $5.20 a year. If you started throwing and economizing at the same time(lets say 10 years old); and you throw every day, every week, every month, every year until you are 80; then you have amassed an incredible fortune in the amount of $364!

And with that tremendous amount of Capital; you could eat one item per day from the Taco Bell Dollar menu for an entire year.

The End…

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