string replacement

I was wondering what happens to strings after too long usage from your experience:
1- do they get more/less responsive? (does it depend on the string material?)
2- do they tangle up more often= get too tight faster?
3- some other bad effect?
4- which effect causes you to switch the string?

Based on my experience

  1. no, at least not at me
  2. yes, i almost always got a knot with a worn out string, because its tangeld most of the time because it got too tight way faster. Plus, it didnt feel so flexible anymore, sometimes really hard to hold a slack
  3. it break once on me, really bad experience
  4. well i change my string if i feel like its worn out, it doesnt time based though, some string worn out faster than others

Its only based of my experience, but i hope it help

Well, thick string tends to get thinner after a couple days of play sense the yoyo stretches it out so that emans less space took up on the bearing and less responisve, but I don’t think it makes a huge difference. After days or weeks of use they do get tangled up much faster and can put itslef in a knot (these are normally harder to get undone then a normal knot). They could also be harder to do slack tricks, suicides, and whips on since the tension can easily get off. I would switch a string when it has frayed a lot and the tension goes off every other throw.

It is said that older string is less responsive than newer string. Another thing is that with old string, you have the higher chance of knotting in your binds. The strings fray as they get worn out and could possible break but other than that, knotting is more likely and the feel of the throw is different. So I only change strings when my throw doesn’t feel right.