Let's talk string.

So, I find that whenever I put a new string on my yo-yo I land my tricks more consistently. Is the new string actually enhancing my play or am I simply playing better because I think the thing is enhancing my play?

Also, I find that after a day or two tiny knots form in the string, and I can’t be bothered to take them out. How is this happening? And does it effect sleep time during string tricks?

Finally is there really any difference between 50/50 string and 100% polyester? In my experience I will go through a cotton string in a day. Does anyone actually prefer cotton?

The feel and performance of a string can change as it breaks in and wears. Most of the time people adjust to this without thinking about it. There is a point where the tension gets more difficult to deal with, so for slacks and such it makes a difference. Keeping the tension close to neutral tends to help with the condition of the string over time.


Thanks for the response man. I guess I’m just thinking to much about it. I doubt I’m at the skill level where tension matters that much. I do, however, like how bouncy a new string is once you put it on.

I also like bouncy new strings. I think it makes yoyoing funner, but I don’t think it really effects how well I play. It does run through my hands smoother, because it isn’t as dirty.

Never too early to mind your tension.

I too like a bouncy, new string. When I change strings things seem to go smoother, but I have yet to determine if it actually helps or if it’s all in my mind. Maybe it’s like when you get your car washed, it just seems to run better.

I actually like a string when it’s a little bit worn, but when the tension starts to suck then I change it.

So I got a few free strings when I bought my yo-yo and I’m almost on my last one. I think the three I got are blended and I have to say they make cotton strings feel like garbage. I’m sure this question gets asked a whole bunch, but which brand do you prefer, and why?

I get 100% Polyester fat kitty string. I like it cause the tension holds well, it feels nice, the color is long lasting (at least for yellow), and best of all it’s not super expensive.

100% polyester tends to be a bit slicker than 50/50. imho, 50/50 tends to give more…the bouncy to dead curve is a bit more exagerrated.

i prefer to play w/ dead string. if the string is too gunked up, or if i can’t even whip it anymore - i’ll change it. otherwise, it’ll most likely break before i change it.

for me - paul wallace & gstring was the best string maker in the business. regrettably, he no longer makes string.



I am going to try to best answer your questions here:

1. Does new string enhance my play?
New string can enhance your play in a way. The string does not have any warps, usually has neutral tension, and has an overall better feel. It almost makes you enjoy it more which can lead to more confidence which can help you hit your tricks. That’s just what I think at least.

2. Where are the knots coming from and do they effect sleep time?
The knots come from when you mess up tricks and you knot your string. They do not effect sleep time but can effect string tension and your ability to hit tricks. Just watch what you are doing and when you see that you are forming a knot, stop and get out of it.

3. Is there a difference between 50/50 string and 100% polyester?
Yes, the 100% Polyester is 100% Polyester. The 50/50 is 50% Polyester and 50% Cotton.

4. Do I prefer cotton?
Not at all

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Great answers man, thanks. Yeah, after I posted this thread I realized where the knots were coming from. I’m using the FAST 201 which is super responsive and makes it easier for me to learn intermediate tricks. However, it will get tangled at the drop of a hat. I would get frustrated at the tangle and rather than unscrewing my yo-yo to fix it I would just throw it as hard as I could. The yo-yo would power through the tangle but leave knots behind. All I can say is that I can’t wait to learn how to bind so I can play unresponsive. I’m hoping unresponsive play reduces knotted and tangled string.

In the right (i.e. wrong) place knots will cause a snag making the yoyo snap back on you.

Cotton string is better for some types of play IMO. I prefer it for fixed axle but it does wear quickly.

I disagree. If he doesn’t care about his tension and it doesn’t get in his way, that is a good thing.

I change the string on my daily yoyo every day. I use Kitty String 100 percent polyester. Bought two 100 packs of them from YYE since I first got my first Shutter. It sucks playing in dimmer light with the current colors I chose though, now I answered my question of why all the pros use neon yellow all the time. Now I have to wait until I eat through all of my current strings before buying neon yellow ones. Cool colored strings may be cool, but they aren’t cool when you can’t catch your throws.

I guess, but i don’t see how it can’t get in the way at some point. Makes like a lot easier for me to keep it neutral, especially learning certain tricks.

Actually, I find that the tension will eventually get in my way. Often times if I don’t think about it and continue practicing split the atom over and over at some point the string will twist around itself and snag in the yo-yo. However, before that point I feel tension may no play as big of a roll in the tricks I’m learning. I gues I’ll just have to pay a tension? Get it??? :stuck_out_tongue:

its 2015 we can get a man on the moon but not fix this tension? It is sort of like an aspect of yoyoing for me but it would be cool if that bearing you put on the string worked good. anyone know?

The fishing swivel apparently works.

yeah the fishing swivel will certainly do it. I tried it when I was just starting and it was nice, but after a while it felt like I was cheating and needed to learn how to control tension instead of bypassing it.