that "oooooh yeaaaah" feeling

Has anyone, after buying a new yoyo, get so excited about it that you’re almost nervous to throw it. Usually because its so expensive hahaha but when you do its like that oooohhhh yeah feeling?
and if so, for what yoyo? It happened to me on my chief, summit, and new genesis.

I get an oooohh yeah feeling every time I throw hah.

i got an ooooohhhhhh yeah feeling when i through my summit for the first time

I think the summit and the new genesis are my two top ooooooohh yeah moments.

Avalanche, AC, General Yo :smiley:

My Majesties… I miss them so much. They have me the greatest oh yeah moment. I traded them both and now my collection is garbage ):

My Summit was my first high end metal. Coming from a DV888, that first throw was sooooo smooth with that ten ball bearing… ooooohhhh yeeeeeah moment… Haha.

The One Drop 10 Ball is so smooth you cant help but have an ooooohhhh yeeeeeah moment hahaha Im trying out the terrapin X bearing. It seems to be pretty cool.

Does anyone have a preference between the terrapin or the One drop 10?

both are a really ooooohhhh yeeeeeah moment

Said it before I’ll say it again; 10 ball is my stealth throw around the wife, nothing tops terrapin for performance

hahaha the ten ball is so quiet!!! it took me at such a big surprise when I thew the summit for the first time how silent it was.
The terrapin X is loud hahah But im used to playing with center tracs and they are noisy as well. Especially combined with a plastic. Noise doesnt bother me. Just my roomate. hahaha

I’ve never gotten this feeling.

Only got it when a slipknot came off the finger.

Or was that a oooooh noooooo.

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Well, if that counts, then I guess you could say I got it. When it happened to me, it flew straight towards the tile floor, and remarkably got no damage.

Well, I got that feeling when I got my Shutter yesterday. I had never really gotten a good feel for an unresponsive metal yet. It is flat out awesome! :slight_smile:

When I ordered that black blue supernova I couldn’t wait to throw it

OOOh the shutter does sound awesome. Ive only heard great things from it

I got this feeling when i got the Arkham triton… It hasnt even been shipped to me yet XD hahahaha

hahahaahthats the best. when you order a new yoyo and you just know its going to be amazing and you get super excited for it.

i kahnt weightttt! Hahahaa

I just got the new 7075 genesis and I get that feeling just by looking at it hahahaha