smooth yoyos that feel great.

One yoyo I have that is just feels great is my dv888, go big, and chaser. What’s your favorite yoyo that feels great

My Supernova just feels great in the hand. It also is a great throw.

Do you mean feels great in your hand or on the string?


Too many to list. Just got a Sky Walker. There ya go.

12 CLYW’s(2 Peaks in that listing)
9 One Drops(2 Code 2s in that collection

Pretty much darn near every metal I have and all the YYJ metal/plastics I have.

Smooth on the string, feels great in the hand.

My Yuuksta feels great in the hand and on the string, a double-win!

I just got a Chico XL, and it’s really smooth, so is the manimal. I tried about 12 different throws and it was what i kept coming back to, so i bought it. I have about 11 one drops because they are so smooth.

I have a lot (numbers similar to Studio, but switch the 12 to One Drop and the 9 to CLYW), but what really stands out to me are my General Yo’s.

I have too many to count (I’m actually in a foreign country and didn’t bring my whole collection. However, I do remember that I have 6 Ministars in that collection). You literally can’t feel them on the string, and they grind AMAZINGLY!

My flying hut its dead smooth a long as you don’t mess with the tuning and fits me like a glove. I almost regret sending out off to get custom anodized because of how long I have to wait to get it back to play with it again.

G2 Albatross !!

I can’t agree with this more.

Dietz and code 2

I can…lol, one drop made them