What is that one yoyo you just cannot put down?

You know that one yoyo that just makes you feel are warm and fuzzy inside when you throw it? lol

I actually have two at the moment that I give lots of playtime everyday to…

  1. Pre- pro DNA
  2. Pistolero

Both of these yoyos define “smoothness” and are just a joy to throw as well as look at.

Which ones do it for you?

  1. dv888
  2. 888

And… the BOSS which I do not yet own, but soon will.

Wooly Marmot. It defines Awesomeness.

new breed

Frank Slide BvM.


I am trying so hard to put my Cream down, and forget about it, but even with the vibe it is too amazing to do so. I’ll probably get another one of these things soon.

Half Aqua Half Blue sb DV888

The Project.

I got tired of the Dv888 after I got this Project.

general yo 5 star

Hulk Smash Peak


I got my newbreed and just totaly forgot about every thing else… And then I went to band camp… I picked which yoyo to carry on the trip with me randomly, leaving the other one’s in my duffel bag… I picked my legacy and its been weird… Its been drawing my hand alot more than my NB lately…

I just got a Freehand 2 from a Toys ‘r’ us, and I just can’t let go of it. Sure, my Dark Magic is way better, but something about how the FH2 feels in my hand and on the throw keeps me from letting go.

Catch 13.

Yeah, I’m kinda diggin the C13. Btw, why does everyone call it the catch 13? It’s just the C13, if I remember right

Bully and Gung-Fu

While I do like the Bully a bit more, they both get about an equal amount of play time (The Bully probably getting a hair more.) It just depends on my mood, or what I just feel like throwing.

Dark Magic.

dark magic ;D

General Yo 5 Star! This yoyo dosn’t get the respect it deserves. I think it is the best yoyo out there. Most people have not even tried it. Trust me, If you tried it you’d buy it!

p.s. I just bought a hectic almost mint condish from derek, aka yoyoluvur. (thank you derek, I realy like the yoyo) I got it for only 35$