What is that one yoyo you just cannot put down?

The 5-Star is a yoyo that sold out fast twice and has a lot of respect. There are lots of other yoyos out there that are far more underrated and less respect as the 5-Star.

C13,Boss,and especially the Superstar

Have you tried a C13 or a BOSS?

im getting both of them today

NIMBUS and my friends Warning Line.


Okay that’s awesome but… read the topic title- “What is that one yoyo you just cannot put down?”
How can you not put it down if you don’t have it yet… ? Just a thought. :-\

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loop 720 its completely awesome
if i feel like 1a velocity
but still loop 720 is better

I always come back to a Freehand Zero, theirs just something about them.


My trusty 888! :smiley:

My Dark Magic I LOVE THAT YOYO!!! :slight_smile: :smiley: ;D

lately it has been just me and my dv888 ;D
but dark magic is also awesome.

I have played with my dv888 more today. I didn’t really play with my 888 that much. I learned ThrowHand Grind today! YAY!