your smoothest yoyo

Dv888… like throwing a pillow

Virus, L3 and chaotic.
among all in my collection, these are the smoothest

Wow 2 auldey’s… must try auldey yoyo’s.

Bumblebee GT, FH2 and Dm. All my 3 yoyo’s feel smooth to me.

My Hatrick. Its like butter! When it is not breaking in of course.

This will sound weird to people that have actually played one but my Original DV8. Strangely enough it’s dead smooth.

agreed. the ones that worked played better then most things i’ve ever played with.

i’d probably say my smoothest yoyo is my mayhem or the pair of bionic zeros that perry prine made for me

i own one Protostar,one Lyn Fury and one X-Convict and the smoothest one is the Lyn Fury followed close by the other two ;D

Not Owned but Tried: L2
Owned: My DV888 mod Speed Maker


Smoothest in the sense of minimal vibe: Skyline (used to be my 888 Classic before it picked up a wierd vibe :’()

Smoothest in the sense of most aesthetically pleasing and softest on the string in action: Bassalope and 888 Classic, even with the vibes they both have.

My P2. <3 that bad boy.

In order from smoothest to least smooth with the Boss standing out as the clear winner. It’s pretty close between the metals after the Falcon. The gaps indicate a definitively noticeable difference in smoothness.

  • Boss (KK Ceramic) by far the smoothest
  • ILYY Falcon (Terrapin Ceramic Hybrid bearing)
  • General Yo Hatrick (3rd Run, AIGR bearing)
  • SPYY Punchline (stock bearing)
  • Onedrop P2 (10ball)
  • Superstar (10ball)
  • Onedrop M1 (10ball)
  • Onedrop Dingo (10ball)
  • YYJ Dark Magic
  • YYJ Lyn Fury



88888888888… meh 888.

dna vs special gabowarek cut
still cant pick :smiley:

The CUT.
(I’m sure this threads already been created but I don’t care and also there has been a lot of new yoyos so it wouldn’t matter if this thread has already been created.)

the one…the only…the Hatrick!!!

On a great throw, or after a few seconds on a bad throw, this is the smoothest yoyo ive ever touched. 0 vibe, and feels, like Kei so truthfully stated, butter on a string.