Which yoyo do you think is the smoothest?

NM5, DV888, P2, Wooly Marmot, M1 are all smooth solid throws, just to name a few…oh i forgot one the BOSS…

~gorrilla_yo :wink:

i wrote almost the same exact thing and when i hit “Post” it said that somebody had posted something. and then i saw your post Almost made me cry. :’( :’( :’(

i’m not sure it matters, seeing as the vast majority of yo-yo’s are way smoother than the people who use them.

One Drop, BBYY, and SPYY

The quality of yoyo’s being produced right now is amazing. I had a yomega Maverick that was dead smooth. So it doesn’t really matter because they are mostly all that smooth.

Boss. I literally had to check if it was spinning by looking at the symbol on it spinning. When brand new, Bosses are really quiet too. I also hate them…but whatever.


lol… I thought this had somthing to do with the delicious frozen fruit drinks…

My G5 is pretty smooth

i was hoping

but i would say spyy is the best

This. I was just speaking to one of my friends about how this new generation of yoyoers is much worse because they have the ability to execute any trick with their infinitely spinning metal yoyo.

Yeah, that’s why it’s good to play with a stock freehand every once in a while and smoothen up your tricks.

lol i started out with trans axles and fixed axles. i moved on to ball bearings at advanced. i was gonna switch my kk on my dm to my 888 but i felt i needed to practice a flat more

I fell that the bassalope and Boss are super smooth, also the dv888 isnt bad, but i feel basically any yoyo with a SPEC bearing in it is pretty smooth

i think kk’s are a waste of 7 bucks or so when you can get a stock bearing for 8 bucks and stock are better IMO

it doesnt matter

I just wanna say that the stardust2 really amazed me with smoothness I thought my 888’s were super smooth but I guess I was wrong?

I kinda agree. If you work on your throw enough then you dont need a KK and you can just stick with a flat beearing. A KK wont make you play better. The only reason I got a CKK at worlds was because I wanted to try a ceramic bearing and they were out of flat bearings.