what are the smooothest yoyos that are under $90?

(AudienceOfOne.) #1

may be metal and may also be plastic…

smoothest anyone?

(Infinite Chaos) #2


(J. Lev) #3

Yoyoing has reached a point where any yoyo that is released will pretty much be smooth. Very few yoyos are released as A-Grade that have serious vibe issues. You’ll be fine with anything, smoothness shouldn’t be your deciding factor.

(AudienceOfOne.) #4

but it is… i loveeeee smooth yoyos.


Read his post. Pretty much ever metal now will be smooth.


Sorry, had to do it. ;D


Cream ;D


basically any metal, but the p2 is up there in terms of smoothness






It will Pepsi challenge anything you think is smooth and come out on top :smiley:


Wait, what were we talking about?

(SR) #11

BOSS, P2, dv888.


Ha nice.

To answer the question, like Xdohl said, any yoyo you get today will be just fine on the smoothness factor. Even if you do for some odd reason get one with a slight vibe that doesn’t affect the sleep time, that’s fine. If nothing else, it’ll give the yoyo a bit of character.

(JM) #13

YYF Genesis. Miggy’s in particular.


The Warning Line by K2J sells for $70. It is extremely smooth and one of the longest spinning yo-yos I have ever played.


(Gorrilla_YO) #15

I recommend a DV888, NM5 (little bit more that $90) :o, NEW BREED, and a P2