Smoothest yoyo

So… What is your smoothest yoyo?

Turning point Bu2r or my puffin 2.

Chief, Puffin 2, Markmont. Classic, and my G2 Aftershock are all insanely smooth. Extra points to the Aftershock, it’s unreal!

Monkeyfinger ape-x

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tom kuhn no jive

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Isotope 2

This is so subjective.


Was my Draupnir until I bounced it off the coffee table

Yeah but that’s the fun of it.
My equil with a center track bearing (I would find it nice if i knew what bearings people were using) or my n12 with the knock off kk bearing.

my TP paranoid is really smooth…

Palpitation after tuning with a shorter axle

Cowboy or Majesty.

Idk, I used to have all my yo-yos tuned to be as smooth as possible, some of them being completely vibe free (I know that’s technically impossible but that’s what it felt like). But as the years have gone by (only 2) I’ve learned to not care about it or obsess about always having my throws smooth or tuned.

Gelada 2, it’s the only yoyo I’ve ever thrown where I can’t feel the spin. If it wasn’t for the noisey twisted trifecta I have in it I would probably not be able to tell the difference between a strong and weak spin at all.

He didn’t ask what is the smoothest yoyo, he’s asking what’s the smoothest yoyo you own. A great, fun question if you ask me.
My Bonfires, Chiefs, Positron 2, and my Nomad, also Gnarwhal 2. All very smooth.

Well, I’d say my dif-e-yo gto, bare bones and bonechip, my hspin lily and pyro light,my spyy addict and radian mk II and my yyf hectic are all very smooth players. Hard to choose among those.

sturm panzer leo sniper mk 2 is by far the smoothest throw I’ve tried


For me it’s my Yoyofactory Galaxy Proton. I have so many very smooth yoyos from various companies, but this Proton is DEAD smooth. So vibe-free on the fingernail test, I swear I could walk the dog on a tile floor in absolute silence. ;D

I’m with Gambit in that I have so many smooth YoYo’s from different companies but,…

I would give it to my General Yo HatTricks. They are both so smooooth.
Almost impossible to tell if they are even spinning at the end of the string.

Amazing !! ;D

Foxland Precision Honey Badger. So smooooooth.