Smoothest Yoyo

What is the smoothest yoyo you have ever played?

Some turning point stuff is pretty smooth. Chief is quite smooth.

This josy ann I had. You literally couldn’t tell it was spinning.

3yo3 Accent it is the best yoyo i have ever played.

Spyy Addiction

Side effects enabled yos are smooth. Lots of spyys are. My 3vo was as well

My Viszilla and my Avalanche are so far the smoothest throws I have ever used

Specifically my party time albatross.

I’ve already answered lots of these over the 29348759023795 ‘smoothest yoyo’ threads here in YYE.
Again, I’ll say PHENOMizm because I have weird tastes.

YYF superstar surprisingly.

Either a Battosai or a 28s Wooly Marmot I used to have.

You couldn’t tell the Battosai was spinning at all. It was a solid color and had a very quiet 10 ball. It was weird to say the least. The Marmot was just amazing.

888 is pretty dang smooth…

Anything SPYY. Seriously. 8)

YYF Skyline. Cant tell mine is spinning. Except for the sound…

I agree with everyone who has said SPYY. Every SPYY throw I have is crazy smooth, especially my Dynamo.

My Phenom is ridiculously smooth as well.

As far as things I’ve tried, General-Yos are pretty ghostly.

As far as things I own, my SPYY Ronin takes the cake.

I would have to say Code2.

I’m not sensitive enough to answer such a question. I have so many very smooth yoyos and there is no way to tell by feel which is smoothest. They’d have to be measured scientifically. Asking which is the smoothest is better than asking which is best, I mean it is measurable, but …whatever.

I agree with the whole splitting hairs thing. My yoyos have very distinct differences in smoothness, and everything else, which lends to why I own them.

The smoothest yo-yo I’ve ever played is the smoothest yo-yo I’ve ever played.