Looking for smooth yo-yo's

I like my yo-yo’s dead oxy smooth, and I love the oxy line, especially my oxy 5. Does anyone have any suggestions of very smooth yo-yo’s that they have really enjoyed?

Thank you!

spyy yoyos are known to be super smooth. also super high end japenese throws like turning point and yoyorecreation are usually dead smooth

Yeah SPYY makes THE smoothest throws on the market In my opinion.

General Yo, by far. I have tried so many throws, and nothing compares to a general yo.

All the General yo’s that I’ve played had a slight grind vibe. Not a single SPYY I’ve had has had a vibe at all. And I’ve had tons.

Plus I’m friends with Skidot who has every SPYY ever made ad I’ve played most of them.

I have bought almost every single GEneralYo, and I am extremely picky with vibe. They are are dead smooth.


I have owned pretty much each model and all of them are the smoothest yoyos I’ve ever played… and trust me, I’ve played a TON of yoyos. Especially the General Yo KLR, that thing is downright the dead smoothest thing on earth. Ernie’s releasing a third run really soon and I assume he’ll ship a couple to YYE. But yeah… General Yo. Quit looking already and get one.


Idk, the ones i played had vibe, I’ll have to try more I guess. But SPYY is insanely smooth.

I’ve never played a General Yo with vibe. Ever. Except for B-Grades, and then there still wasn’t much. I’ve played A LOT.

Hmm maybe the machining was a wee bit off on the ones I tried? Damage? Idk could be anything but I’ll take your word for it.

I think the code 2 is a really smooth throw.

Side effect yoyos are never completely smooth due to the fact that…well switching out weights on a precise spinning device isn’t the best thing for dead smooth spin. So CODE2s aren’t the smoothest.

No… he’s right. It’s pretty dang smooth. The cascade is WAY smoother though.


I have to disagree. I have the code 2, code 1, and had a 54. Onedrop in general is known for being dead smooth. My code 1 is ridiculously smooth. It is dead smooth on grinds too. finger grinds like butter. I know a lot of people over exaggerate, but I’m not.
If i were to take a stick of butter and stick it on your finger and then the code 1 you woldn’t be able to tell the difference. I should probably stop my raving before this goes too far.

I like the code 2 .00000001 % better than the code 1. both are sweet.

General yo is dead smooth too.
The only Spyy I had was a beater pro and even that was smooth

Gen Yos are smooth, but they’re smooth because the shapes are dead simple and for them not to be smooth would take more work than making them smooth. I’m more impressed by companies like SPYY, ILYY, YYF, OD, etc. that make yoyos with more extreme weight distribution but are still dead smooth. Honestly though pretty much every yoyo i’ve owned has been completely vibe free, so don’t get too hung up basing decisions on what throws people say are smooth.

Alright alright alright…I got a glacier express today (this is my second one I’ve owned, first was a bip bop…traded it to a collector) and this thing is fricken smooth! It’s smoother than a code 2 I think…yes I said it, smoother than a CODE 2! The only downfall, people hate the shape. I love it, it make grinds a breeze, and having the inner cups and small nub makes it spin forever! I highly recommend one to everyone…yye still has them in stock!! I got the foxy moss Colorway, pretty sweet.