Classic feel!

So I’ve been getting some new yoyos recently to work my way up to speed on the more modern yoyos, and for the most part, everything I try has been really nice!
But I somewhat feel that some things are almost “too” nice and I wonder if I am the only one who feels that way?
I am still very much into my older metal rim yoyojam yoyos, and notice that they have a certain feel to them.
Call them imperfections, but the things that cause that slight bit of vibe, the feeling of the wall and response lightly rubbing the string, certain things that make the yoyo feel more like something is there. I even experience this on some of the metals ( now considered old?) like my pyro, bare bones and bvm.
It seems many of the newer stuff feels ultra smooth smooth like ice to the point you are not supposed to feel anything. And I suppose some like it, but I have found myself needing a break from these new yoyos to make sure I can still “feel” something

Thoughts on this?

Yeah that sounds like me. I don’t like using my SPYY yoyos all the time for this reason.

I also know how you feel, recently I’ve been taking a break from my more modern throws and have been throwing some classics

This thread makes me want to polish off all the oxidisation on my x-con! Today I was actually thinking about throwing my DM 1 again, that throw helped me improve a lot. Good memories.

I have so many memories of using this odd blue polish to get rid of the oxidization of yoyojam yoyos. I forget what it was called but I’d love to find it again. Got rid of all that grime and brought them back to their original shiny state.
I noticed my x convicts would oxidize quite a bit for some reason…

probably sitting around unused for a long time made them oxidize.

Sounds like you’d love the Bapezilla.2. It feels like they took the best of the new and the old and combined them to make one awesome yoyo.

I guess I got into yoyoing too late because I love when the yoyo is dead smooth and you cannot even tell when it’s spinning. It is all a matter of opinion I guess, but I can definitely see your point.

I can see someone getting into it later with pretty much only those dead smooth yoyos essentially getting spoiled by them. lol
Different era I guess,

I started with more of a classic feel and liked it for awhile but then tried better IMO yoyos and just couldn’t go back. They just weren’t fun to me anymore.