Does anyone think that most modern yoyos are boring?

I’d say for most companies, I think so. IMO YYF yoyos have became quite boring as of these days. I tried several of their older yoyos & I have to say that they were much more fun. I think that the same thing has happened to C3 as well.

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Absolutely. Every new release these days is almost perfect. Not a bad thing because it means there’s an overwhelming number of fantastic yoyos to buy, but at the same time, almost nothing is unique anymore. I honestly couldn’t care less about the latest bimetal release, although I am impressed with the design skill that goes into them.

This is one of the main reasons why I got into fixed axle yoyoing. It put the fun and uniqueness right back into yoyoing for me. Not only is fixed axle throwing fun and challenging, but even the same model of wooden yoyo made of the same wood looks and plays different. It ensures that your yoyo is always one of a kind.


I think it’s purely speculative. I think ones level of boredom is directly related to what you can or care to do with them.

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Yes, in a way. I don’t want to single out any companies, but a lot of releases look alike, maybe play alike, and kind of meld together. Part of it is the laser-focus on competition-oriented yoyos, another part is company’s seeing what works and then doing that (like bimetals, fades), still other parts I haven’t identified. It’s natural that most of the discussions and most of the maildays are for yoyos that just came out, but it can be tiring. A yoyo that came out five years ago or ten years ago can still be great and I’d like to see more people start to hunt for those and value those in addition.

It might be a function of the relative infancy of modern yoyoing that there isn’t much of a vintage or classics market, outside of a few yoyos and a few brands. In the future I’d like to see a revival of interest and appreciation in older yoyos (at least post-yoyo boom ones) and more emphasis on character, personality, and uniqueness put into future releases. More plastics, too!

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If you like older style yo-yos then that’s what you’ll gravitate towards, and theres still companies out there making some great ‘less competitive’ designs, but I don’t see how that makes modern bi-metals boring.

I have a Navigator, Krown 2017, EH, and Hat-trick on my desk right now. I’ll be more inclined to play a certain way with each yo-yo, but they’re all equally fun to me.


Are you talking about looks or personality? I love all my new bi-metals and stuff, they work great, but of course they can’t compare to my F.P. Thunder Wasp in the personality department, and don’t even get me started about my black and red Honey Badger…

I feel the need to defend YYF. Especially for a “big company”, they seem more inclined to take many chances and put out things that they themselves must know have a good chance of not selling well, just in what seems to be the spirit of fun, experimentation, and innovation; than any other yoyo company i can think of. Particularly if you include the Basecamp releases, there are lots of fun and unusual offerings from them: Moonshine, Sherpa, Nine Dragons, Hubstack, Velocity, Electrik and Short Circuit tops, just off the top of my head.

I suppose you could make the argument that “most” modern yoyos are boring, in that there are many yoyos that play like many other yoyos. Once you get deeper in, and past the “most”, we have more diversity than ever before; more different shapes and materials; more different styles and levels of response; and more choices of color and finish.

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How’s the navigator??? I got one on the way…

I really like it, but I guess it depends on your opinion of bi-metals. Some people think they’re boring. :wink:

If that Hat-trick ever grows old on you (a boy can dream) please message me.

I disagree. Many people say that some older yoyos have “character” or “a cool vibe”. However a lot of these yoyos just don’t perform that well. Rather than calling these modern yoyos boring, I appreciate their superior performance.

A yoyo that performs well is all the “character” that is necessary (in my opinion)

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I really miss the yoyo scene from around 2010, partly because I was new. Those first 3 years getting into it are so exciting. I wanted a Yuuksta so badly.

Which Yoyofactory yo-yos do you find boring?

And why do you feel that they are boring?

And which specific yo-yos do you find the least boring?

And do you think you find certain yo-yos boring because possibly you are at a lesser skill level and not skilled enough to appreciate or utilize their potential?

Or do you think you at such a high skill level that unless they can seriously impress you; that their imperfect designs seem boring to you?

Or is it possible that you maybe just wanted to whine about something completely subjective; just to see if others may come out of the woodwork and also throw shade on perfectly good yo-yos?

Just curious…

Not saying your opinion is wrong.

It’s just that I have been messing with yo-yos for over 18 years now. I have over 1000 yo-yos. Except for various repeats; I don’t have any yo-yos that play exactly alike. I don’t have a single yoyo that I find boring.

Like just about anything in life; you can only get energy flowing if you are willing to inject a sufficient amount of energy into what you are doing.

If you find yo-yos boring than you are just not willing to focus on making the yoyo work for you.

You also have to stay busy ‘in life’. If you are not challenging yourself everyday; regardless of what you are doing; and you are just jelling out; you will identify more with the negative aspects of certain yo-yos rather than just throwing and enjoying running through tricks and combos that are hard to hit.

… I wasn’t even going to post anything in this thread. But every single one of my yo-yos is so Boring that I had to take a break before I snapped like a twig🤓


When it comes to boring, I meant aesthetically boring. I find the newer YYF yoyos to be more of a bore with a few exceptions. When it comes to the least boring YYF yoyo, they’re the Genesis, Mvp & Super G. I feel that some of the newer YYF throws seem to be just too aesthetically plain or are modified copies of other companies with a few tweaks.

Then again, maybe it’s nostalgia. Also, you made some good points man.

I LOVE the Yuuksta… great undersized throw. I really appreciate the 50-53mm range and also prefer more organic shapes like the CLYW Campfire and YYR Lilliputian.

Yoyos are inherently fun. I feel jealous of the people who can afford to get the latest 110 dollar yoyo release and then have enough of them to say “boring”. I really do. If a yoyo feels uninteresting to someone, that’s what the bst section is for.

Finding a guy who will be happy to pay a decent price for your “boring” yoyo is easy. Someone like me.

I think once your throw collection hits a certain critical mass, a lot of throws do begin to look very similar… but I’m encouraged by some recent releases like the Endeavor, the Quint and the Parlay, they’re moving away from a competition driven design and back toward a fun personality design.

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Since I was a kid, my mom has told me “Boring people get bored.”
It’s kind of harsh, but I also realize I kinda live by it.

Not saying the OP or anyone is boring - just that if you are attuned to the aesthetics at the expense of the scope and capabilities of modern yoyos, it may be fun to re-evaluate your perspective. I’ve never gotten much out of looking at the aesthetics of a yoyo on its own. To me it’s like asking if modern paintbrushes are boring. It isn’t meant to do anything FOR you - it’s a vehicle for you to do something for yourself. A modern yoyo IS ABSOLUTELY boring sitting on a table or shelf. They don’t seem too boring on the finger of Rojas, Bergy, Figueroa…

I don’t mean this to be obnoxious. I think I just find the premise of the question to be at odds with how I look at yoyos.


first off,i absolutely love your work, but i couldn’t disagree more. to me some yoyos are like cars or art, like a ferrari or a clyw tundra, i could stare at certain yoyos for a while, the lines, the shape and the colors are amazing. but i think as the op is suggesting, there is only so much that can be done to 2 small pieces of metal, and it is getting redundant. any new yoyo out there is pretty much a copy of some other yoyo that has already been done. to me, the hobby is more than playing with toys or vehicles.

Modern yo-yos are not boring. Case closed.