Just cause its outdated doesn't mean it isnt worth your time...

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Just a quick little note I thought I would put up.

Often times, I see people around looking for new throws to try out, something different, unique, just feel like trying out something new, and when they are offered something that is a few years old, they will reject is due to the notion that the yoyo is “outdated”.

While it is true that yoyo styles, shape, and weight balance have changed over time, a yoyo that is 5 years old is still a very capable yoyo. A yoyo 10 years old is very capable as well. There is a mind-set that some have that an older yoyo is like an old car in that its “not as good”, but this idea is completely false.

I recently have been throwing this gem quite a bit recently.

The yoyojam Sirius was a yoyo that was being made around the 05 era, and was a truly unique design for its time. It has a play unlike any other yoyo that I have thrown. It has an incredibly smooth play with a nice hum as it spins through the air. Its solid, yet light. Stable, smooth, and pretty much perfect for chilling out and throwing. If you found yourself on a calm warm summer day, with the sun going down on the horizon into the ocean, listening to some chill beats while the cool air of the day flows by calmly, this would be the yoyo you would be using. Never played anything else like it. And think, this yoyo is 7 years old, and its just one of many many great yoyos made around this time era.

Yoyos to an extent are timeless, and while subtle differences may make it different than yoyos put out within the last year or so, they are all quite capable, and offer something very unique.

Maybe next time someone offers you an original project, or a Anti-yo business, you would take the offer and give yourself a new experience. You may find that it would work very much in your favor.

Just thought I would post this up for something to think about.

Later all ya cuties ^ ^

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No doubt. Though not quite as old in some cases, early SPYY really strikes a chord with me. It’s unfortunate that so many people disregard them just because of their bearing/response, or shape. They are really quite a treat!

Still loving my Black Knight! One of my more favorite throws.

If it still plays, it’s not outdated!

I still play my original yomega hww ocasionally, I have wanted a sirius since 05 as well.

I recently took advantage of another forums “Den of Thieves” sale and picked up a Hicoo Minikhan Hardcoat as well as a Siberian snow edition. The Hardocat is very reminiscent of an 888, less the hubstacks, with a bit more weight added and sports silicone response and a C sized bearing. The Siberian snow edition came with a floating axle, D bearing, and ghost pads as response.

I have to say that while I didn’t enjoy the Hardcoat minikhan as much as I would have liked the Siberian Snow edition was an absolute joy to throw.

I still throw my stock Black FHZ i got off you Jayyo a few months back, as well as a recessed FHZ. I can honestly say that I am more willing to play with an older “outdate” yoyo than much of the new offerings available.

I only avoid yoyo with pad and sticker response. Just my preference.

Other than that, yoyos are meant to be played, no matter how old they are.

Ever wonder why the '07 888 is praised so much…

I still enjoy my X-convict, its like no other…

Black Knight is still one of my favs as well. Unfortunately mine suffered some nasty rim failure and is no longer with us.

I still have 2 :smiley:

Quite a few of the yoyos I play every day are “vintage”, as they say.

YYJ HM, XCon, HSPIN G&E4 & Pyro Light, Spintastics Maelstrom & Eclipse, FHZ, AntiYo Fluchs, Difyeo GTO. In fact other than my DM II my newest yoyo is an HSPIN Gorylla. Everything else is at least 4-5 years old.

I’m waiting on a new terrapin xwing for my maverick. I love how small it is. ;D

how is that old?

Well it’s old to me. I bought it mid 2009 (July or August). My first metal. Hasn’t seen much love from me in a year… And a half. Last week I got a chance to pick up a terrapin for it and was like woooo hoooo. I bringing it back out again. So old to me. ;D

While not too old, I’m still loving my Hatrick. Really, an amazing yoyo.

I wouldn’t say the Ministar is old, but it is older, and I play them everyday. I love them so much that I have 8! So smooth! Great throws!

I’ve not been around long so my exposure to YoYos has mainly been the ‘new stuff.’

I’d love to try out the original X-Con since the X-Con Pro still stands as my favourite YoYo. :slight_smile:

i just traded for a Big Brother yoyos juvenile offender proto that has to be at lest two years old but it’s my new favorite yoyo.

I got a speeder in the summer of 08. It still kicks ass.

Such a great post about a fantastic yoyo. My favorite from YYJ for sure. The SR71 is it’s predecesor
and is good but not to the Sirius of old.

Great post Jayyo!

Still throw tons of old yoyos…

Spinfaktor I got in 2001~2002
SaveDeth G&E 4 from 2008, still love this thing, plays so smooth!
Speedmaker I got recently but has an “outdated” response system, whatever, plays smooth, completely unresponsive and spins a while,especially for a cheap yoyo.

One yoyo I need to get again is an Hspin Envy. Loved mine back when I bought it and an Alph in the summer of 2007…